Introducing the SimPole!


Check it out: SimPole


I’m glad WCR picked this up.It’s a good pole. I use it every day, it’s very stiff and it’s the perfect size for 90% of my work. I’m 95% residential. If I need it longer I have a pole I got from WCR 6-7 years ago ( they no longer carry it) and it’s a perfect fit. I got this direct from Phil at Simpole about 6 months ago ( he’s 20 mile from me).
He and I work on some larger jobs together and I was telling him for a year or so that if he came up with a 2-3 story, Hi-mod pole, then I would buy one, because no else makes 100% Hi-mod in a short size and that’s what I wanted. Some folks say stiffness doesn’t matter much at less than 30 feet, but I disagree and this meets my stiffness requirements.


So… will we ever see Tony E aka Mr Squeegee again? Feels like things are coming full circle.

Please remove my comment if it’s not appropriate, @Chris :grin:


@Alex_Lacey I had different words but hey

2 years ago my company did not do “x”

now we do “x”

and next year fuck no we don’t

It’s great running a company and making decisions.

My trust is in WCR and “the boys”


Haha, I would ‘like’ your comment, minus the cursing, lol.

I’m not second guessing their decision. Just curious if it will have further implications. But I remember there were a number of vocal members who were quite happy with Tony’s departure from the forum. I always liked the guy, personally.


The guys at PH7 had these poles at the convention. I played around with them and was impressed with how stiff HiMod are. And I’m happy with my tucker mini, perfect for 2-3 stories but I’d be very interested in a HiMod pole in the future. Noticeable difference.


I caught this over on FB and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kudos to Chris and his team. I was so used to the random self filmed videos of Phil’s that I almost skipped this. Nice presentation, solid information and yes that pole looks very enticing. Nice work.


I mean this with complete love for Phil and he knows this. Phil has just been his own worst enemy over the years and that has kept us from carrying the SimPole not the pole itself. I’ve seen the pole over the years, had hands on at trade shows and spoke with Phil pretty often. Phil seems to have himself under control and he made a very nice water fed pole. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Again, I say this with genuine love for Phil and he knows it.

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This!!! :joy::joy:


I hear you on that one. I kinda did the eye roll for a second til a friend of mine checked me on it and said he finally got it right.

A local guy I know was looking for one, and phil just happened to be blowing me up the day before so I sent him phil’s way and he tells me he loves the pole!!


And he was not paid to say that either ! Ha ha


al good old Tony . From the corn area!


I love you too Man! Too! No its great to be back and maybe my ADD drugs help a little!


You mean you find it difficult to view the 400 clips on youtube for over 10 years? You do kind of get sick after two of them! Did one today I Phone 6 on a stand! O whats the world coming too!
It great that wcr now has the shortest -longest pole in the world! Is this the better way to film?


Excellent Phil,

You now have really nice videos. Would love to buy a pole with seven four foot sections that I could throw in the trunk of my little Honda Civic. This way I could keep all my equipment in the trunk.