Can your business grow and prosper without the internet?

  • If your answer is yes, why and how?

  • If your answer is no, why?

I would like to read everyone’s reasons either way, thanks.



The thing to consider is goals and how long to achieve them.

I very rarely advertise any of my work zero so far for window cleaning. The reason i’m able to do this is we’ve built a very nice network between competitors and other businesses.

I have two reviews and one is bogus and for an entirely different type of business. My website has been down two years too re design and haven’t done that yet. I am not on any social media for advertising.

we used to be in BNI and that worked very well but we are way to busy to remain active.

building without the internet seems to create deeper relationships with your clientele. However it also takes much longer to establish a solid base. the nice thing about it is the organic growth that comes with referrals and most of the quotes can be high and the customer is more than happy.

the other reason it works for us is i focus on higher end homes and more mature customers who dont have the energy for social media.

thanks my


Yes. Without any internet my business could survive, it would just take more sweat equity to keep it moving. I would need to go door to door more, use more newspaper and phone book advertisements (yes people do still read those!!).

You can always get your business to a very high and strong point, you just need to work harder… the internet has just made things smoother and easier in a lot of areas but it will never officially replace the “farmer””hunter””gatherer” deep down inside the ones of us that don’t let ourselves forget where we came from…

No… I couldn’t survive, because the internet is a major selling point in today’s society, and as long as we continue to advance ourselves in technology, then we will have to integrate that into our business… I couldn’t imagine being a retail store the size of the ace hardware I work in and not use computers or accept credit cards, websites… as a whole thebinternet does control all this NOW. Did you know we caused pop ups and advertisements on websites when we asked for the internet itself to be free.

I live the internet people love the internet. GO INTERNET.

Short answer, yes we can it’ll just be harder with today’s society. And it’ll cost me more lol. I save so much money buying off the internet.


For residential business no, most work comes from referrals. Commercial accounts yes, most accounts are picked up through my website.


I would say internet is not needed to grow a business. Although for certain types of work it would be extremely helpful.

Storefront I believe that’s more leg work getting yourself out there generating the interest internet not as needed

Residential is the most likely to need the Internet to find work because even a solo guy needs 5 houses a week if they want to stay busy if compared to a regular 40-hour week job. Many jobs required to fill your season

Commercial high-rise or mid-rise not as likely either because a single job can land you from $1000 -$80,000 annually. You can land one job and it could give you work for one week. Less jobs needed to fill your season


Thanks for the replies so far guys.


As a designer and SEO guy, I take on a lot of clients that either have a weak website or have never had a website.

After we;re done, 100% of the time they wish they had one sooner.

Its very possible to grow a business without a strong web presence, but its a whole hell of a lot easier with one.


that’s good if you have the manpower lined up. i’d get overwhelmed to easily


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In my limited experience, my website and Google listing have been extremely valuable. It finds customers that I wouldn’t have found otherwise, and keeps me busy on days when I would otherwise not have any work. And my website is nothing special. I want to put some time and money into it to make it better and see how much more work it gets me.


In the late 90’s I started with a phone, a fax machine and yellowpages advertising. I started doing commercial and property managers would fax me work orders. I used to get a great feeling everytime a fax rolled in let me tell ya. Mo money mo money right?

Then got my first pc and a dial up modem internet connection. Email took over from the fax. The rest is history.

In the old days I had to answer every call that buzzed. Nowadays I can answer emails in between tasks. Much better with internet, but if there was no more internet I guess we would all go back to phone and fax.



That’s is so true, I remember those exact things.

Funny that you mention the good old fax machine, thing of history now.


Thanks for the new replies guys!