Interesting towel holder


I’m not sure where this conversation is going anymore. I’m lost.


Started with a slick towel holder. I mentioned i was gonna try magnets and…here we are.


Anyone else wanna try one of these?


The holder in the video not the magnets. Just to be clear


I’ll try one. Do you need an address?


I’ve got a few here, if anyone wants to test one out, send me a message.


Been field testing them for about 2 years now and have never had an issue. The plastic is smooth and pretty non-abrasive. Our towels just wear out from use long before the clip would ever make a dent. Plus, we rotate through about 1000 towels a month so no one towel ever gets used on consecutive days.


Just got mine in the mail yesterday, thanks @Alex!

Look pretty handy.


I use these, they work great. Out of stock here on WCR. Are they discontinued?


“I use these, they work great. Out of stock here on WCR. Are they discontinued?”

Dave is still making them. I talk with Dave from time to time on the phone. I’m sure someone out there has them. I use the bull ring as well and love it.


I agree bull ring and such work great, but possibly having another option is cool too.


I’m looking to try something different cause the hip clip is annoying. Great idea, but poor quality. Either it breaks altogether, or I’m constantly having to shove the hinge back into place, or it’s coming off my belt, or my towels unclip without my noticing (of course, until I’m up on a ladder). I’d rather have it than not have it, but I have been wishing for something better.


@Alex i got mine in the mail last week. Havent had a chance to try but a couple attempts it works wells. Thanks! Will post belt setup soon


His video on them is funny.


Bought one years ago. Haven’t a clue what ever happened to it.


Just got mine in the mail yesterday. Pretty snazzy. Works as advertised. Now I just need a few more


Clip arrived, looking forward to putting it to use this coming week. Thanks again!


It works great, its seems to be very durable.


I would love to try one out.

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Thanks Alex!