Insurance - what should i be asking an insurance company I may use and any suggestions?


I will doing commercial & residential (commercial as in store fronts, shops in plazas, stuff like that not high rises) pressure washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning. All no more than 2-3 stories high. Probably not even 3 stories high as I haven’t seen any 3 story houses where I live. What are some questions I should be asking an insurance company that I may sign up with to make sure they cover everything that could potentially go wrong? Also any suggestions would be really, really appreciated… i’ve been calling so many companies yesterday and this morning. I have no experience but have been doing months of research now and confident in my abilities to get a job done. thank you


Care custody and control


any suggestions guys? im willing to spend up to $1,000 yearly


i got a quote from state farm for $329 for the year or $27 a month… covers 3rd party injuries, me working no more than 2 stories, but does not cover care, custody, or control. 1 million dollar general liability. $1,000 deductible.


That seems very reasonable and a legit company. And you will have a local agent.