Innovative Products first Meet at the 84 Diner in Fishkill NY on March 22nd at 1



Exploring Innovative Products for the Window Cleaning Industry. Will be demonstrating Nanovations NG1010, General Chems WindOCoat, Siltechs silicone based superwetter, and a few other surprises.

The first Meet Hosted by Ricky Coschigano and Henry Grover Jr.

Place the 84 Diner

Located in Fishkill New York

Date March 22nd 2018

Time 1 PM

Order off the menu

No cover, no cost, just pay for your meal.



Interesting. According to Google Maps, I’m 1:39 from there.
How long do you think it will go on, @Henry, as I have to be somewhere very important that evening?


I am guessing three hours but you could leave any time.



Cool. I’d really like to attend. Haven’t met you yet anyway :slight_smile:



Looking forward to meeting you too Dan. Also. Jaran will you be there?



Just wanted to reemphasize that this is going to be the very beginning of one of the most unique “Meets” that has ever been created for our industry. We are doing the research together. New chemistries and new products are being developed for glass maintenance. The Glass Committee has formed relationships with the Penn State Materials Science Lab, GANA, the ASTM, and more. The AWC and WCM has taken on a new level of journalism that I was hoping for twenty years ago. The Glass Smart blog is going to bring out at least a hundred new products over the next year. Come on along for the ride.



Ricky Cosh just reminded me to let everyone know that we have at least five windows on the porch next to the room we will be using to test products on. Also there is a water source right there too. The location is perfect. I can’t wait to show how the silicone surfactant super wetters will sheet a VERY hydrophobic surface. Totally fascinating.