Infinity Cleaning's Scion xB window-cleaning-mobile


Yep, still driving it :smile:

The thing about 12v pumps is that they never really put out the gpm they’re rated for. The rating is based on ‘open flow’, i.e., with no back pressure or hose on the outlet. I would guesstimate that my current pump is putting out .3-.5gpm at the brush. I should really measure it.

25 gallons can get me through the exteriors of an $800 home (price for in & out). So a full day’s work of residential if you’re solo. If the job requires more water than that, I have a couple 6 gallon jerrycans I use to supplement the tank.

I think 35-40 gallons would be the ideal size for a solo operator. If I could find a reasonably priced tank that would fit on the floor behind the front seats, I’d definitely consider upgrading.


Sweet setup! Thank you!!


Hey I just picked up a 2015 Scion XB myself. Loving it. Finding it a bit of a struggle getting it organized to fit everything. Trying to figure out the best way to go about it… I would love to see an updated detailed video on your current set up. How you store everything in the cargo area. Also on how you carry your pressure washing set up.

Thanks mate


Hey, congrats!

I’ve still got some ‘polish’ to put on my current setup, before I go through the work of shooting a video. But you can get a pretty good look at some stuff in the thread here:

The drawers are mainly for tools, replacement parts for pressure washing, and consumable items like squeegee rubber, scrubby pads, bronze wool, masks, etc. I also have all my different length squeegees in the upper drawer.

My wfp hose reel is mounted on top of the shelf to the left, and I keep my towels in a basket to the right.

I’m using two large Rubbermaid style tubs in the back seat for brushes, soaps, garden hose, and gutter tools. My little trash can tucks right between the two totes. It’s unfortunately more of a reach to deposit stuff than it was in the little toaster… so the car tends to collect junk :unamused:

I lay may screenwasher over top of the tubs.

I tow a trailer for pressure washing. Pretty basic setup, but it’s a money maker.


Awesome, looks great. Nice job on those drawers. Did you take the back seats out?
And what kind of pure water system do you have going on, do you fit it on top of the drawers?


I kept the seats in this one. 39 gallon tank in the space between the front and back seats. I filter my water at home with a 1/2 cube DI tank - I get 35-45 ppm from the tap at home, vs 100-350 ppm from area wells.


:open_mouth: Have you ever experimented with just using your tap water?


Yeah. It spots pretty bad.


That is an awesome setup.
I cannot think of any suggestion to make that better.

Something like a clamp on either side might be enough on that bar to keep the pole from sliding.
Not a clamp on the wfp, just spring clamps on the bar with the tabs turned up towards the roof,
Then you can reposition the clamps when loading or unloading to tighten it up or give it some slack.