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I kept this one kind of short so it would fit in the Mole & Jersey “Rigs & Digs” segment. [MENTION=3418]michaelmole[/MENTION] & [MENTION=3]josh_cronin[/MENTION]

I can shoot a more detailed video later if anyone’s interested. And of course, questions, comments, and criticism are all welcome ;). Thanks for watching!



Nice Alex!


Very nice!
I only caught a real quick view, but what would happen to your poles on those racks in a collision or heavy braking situation?


They might dig into the headliner a little more than they already do. Wish I had the foresight to put some kind of padding up there by the rearview mirror before it got all gouged up. I’m a little concerned about the stuff on the back shelf, tbh.


Good stuff! I’m amazed how much you fit into such a small area. I like that 25 gallon tank you somehow fit in back.


Nice Rig Alex
Love the way you figured out the perfect placement of your tank
I like the clips for a pole on the tank too, sweet idea!


[MENTION=1313]Octopus[/MENTION], [MENTION=5058]mettlermaintenance[/MENTION], thanks guys. I would love to get a long, narrow tank to fit behind the seats across the footwells. That would free up some space, and lower the center of gravity (trust me, in a one-ton car, 250 lbs makes a noticeable difference). I just haven’t sourced one for a reasonable price. But things are working pretty well the way they are :).


Have you looked at they literally hundreds of different tanks of varying dimensions.

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Thanks for the tip. I believe I actually sourced the right size tank on TankDepot or one of the other sites, but they wanted ~$300 for a blank tank with no fittings or manway installed. The size I need is somewhere around 10"W x 14"H x 48-50"L. It’s somewhere in the 30 gallon range. I didn’t see anything quite like that on usplastics.


Updated video link:

The car now has nearly 220,000 miles on the odometer, and is still going strong :smile:

What Size Hose Do You Used On WFPs?

What psi is that tank? I’ve been wondering how much you need to work properly.


What is the biggest size ladder you can put on?
Have you had 24 feet ladder on top?


100psi, rated for 1.8gpm. Less should be ok. I would recommend a pump controller, though.


I can carry a 28’er comfortably. 32’ would be alright as long as you put a flag on the back end. And a 40’ would be ok for short trips, not at freeway speeds, but definitely put a flag or blinking light on both ends.


Can you tell me what ladder rack u using?


The Inno base rack:

You could add a third crossbar to really beef up the carrying capacity, as well as facilitate carrying shorter ladders.

But if I were to start fresh, I might look into getting an actual purpose built ladder rack, like they put on work vans:


Just stumbled on this…
miss my Xb now :frowning:

It had 210k, was running strong

Worst part about it…
The kid that bought it off me totaled it 2 days after…


Alex, thats tight!

I test drove an XB yesterday, but it would have been too tight for us as sometimes we roll with 3 in a crew.

Any chance you can tell me what those rails are that you’re using for the poles in the headspace?


But I’d love to fabricate something from wood, with notches cut for the poles. They just want to slide all around on the bars


Just saw this old thread, do you still use the Scion? I’ve always loved those cars. I have a quick question about your small tank… At 25gal how much time could you use WFP before you had to fill? 1.8gpm… That’s not much time. I have wondered about getting a small tank, but your the first I’ve actually have seen to have one.