Infinity-Cleaning-Mobile 3.0


One thing to consider @Alex_Lacey, if you do that extensive of a modification, will any vehicle warranty be voided? Moving the fuel fill could be problematic with various engine management sensors.

You’ve probably thought of this, but figured I’d mention anyhow.


Possibly the frame warranty, due to drilling new holes into it. I’m ok with that.

The fuel filler I’m thinking should stay right where it is, and just have a shroud fabricated around it.


Ya I keep getting a mixed bag. I as told it’s no big deal , An was told I hate pulling a trailer
I know I would get good at it. It’s just I don’t wan to regret it if I decided to go that route
I’m 100 percent convinced the flat bed with a single axle is the way to go.
I like the idea , also of having my power washing stuff with me when doing a window cleaning. Job., although lots of times your on a time schedule. it will be beneficial in the long run.

Can’t tell you how grateful I am that you put this post up. I was very disappointed looking around at these double axle prices

I’m shocked you don’t see many doing this.
It’s the first time I’ve seen any mention of it.


Updates from my PWR build thread:

Lettering on, flatbed purchased, water tanks ordered.


Im happy for you bro :sunglasses:


Thanks man!

Another update from ‘the upside-down’:

I’m doing a full cost breakdown of this build as I go. At the end I’ll do a spreadsheet of everything involved with the setup. I’m attempting to keep things somewhat reasonable without cutting corners if I can help it. Hopefully this’ll be useful to anyone wanting to do a similar project.


Alex found this video. Not sure how durable the aluminum bed is , but this stiff looks pritty good.

Also is there room for a box underneath with these beds ?


The aluminum beds are supposed to be fairly robust. I won’t be putting as much weight on it as these guys do, since it’s just a Tacoma. And I don’t think I’ll need a rubber mat like what was shown in the vid. (Though now that I’ve seen it, I like their “bathtub” approach to keep small spills from seeping down onto the truck frame… :thinking:)

I plan on getting some cheap aluminum underbody boxes off ebay. There are one or two sellers that have them for around $100 each. If I have to reinforce them a bit, I’m alright with that. The name brand ones go for $300+ a piece :fearful:

I should have enough space for 16” long boxes in front of the wheels, and 30” boxes behind. That’ll give me loads more storage space.