Industrial Park Window Clean



I will say that is the most disorganized video I have ever seen.

Also, why would you wet your 5’ applicator at your vehicle when you’re 5 minutes away from washing windows?

Just because you’re using super duper large squeegees and applicators doesn’t make it more efficient or time savings is what I got out of the 1 minute I watched.


With a 12" squeegee, applicator and a couple cocktail napkins, I’d be done by the time you have your suspenders feeling right. I’m a basic b and I do just fine.


We all have days like that. Just one of those days.


True but one would think you edit or retape. Especially when you are trying to be some type of personality


I actually liked the video, it was funny in a way.


Everything in my videos has a purpose. It would be difficult to understand that when you don’t take the time to get to know me.

Also, please do not assume you know what I’m trying to be.


So posting videos that people need to first get to know you to make sense is beneficial how?

I based my opinion from the content of a disorganized video you posted.

Would I have thought differently if I finished the video?

Maybe I missed something


I can improve on my video making skills, no doubt.

Why do you presume this? How do you arrive at this from a disorganized video?


I enjoyed it. But then look at my videos mine are shitty lol



Why do you presume this? How do you arrive at this from a disorganized video?

You have given what you do a name/title Window Cleanse, like its show or something.

You post how many of these for how long?