In a bind



I think I’d give a kidney if anyone came up with a way to make these dang things wireless. If you think wfp will be the end of your eternal struggle against bushes and shrubs, think again. Not sure what i hate more, navigating the ladder through their clearly-not-considering-the-feelings-of-the-window-cleaner-next-time-you-build-a-house-please-consult-me-first garden, or wrestling with all the dang hoses catching on literally everything imaginable. Literally. Everything. “Oh, it won’t catch on that. I proly can just give it a quick tug.” Congratulations! You are a modern-day nostradamus and have just with 100% accuracy revealed the precise object that your hose will definitely catch on next. Not kidding: I was caught on something the other day and, quite perplexed (and of course annoyed) went to check what it was. The hose was all up in my Aztec Screen Washer. And i dont mean slightly caught on it. No. All up in there. Like tangled with multiple loops! How?! I almost took a picture but my ticked-offedness slightly superceded what a funny scene it was.

So, yeah…hose management is a definite part of the wfp learning curve. :rage::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The worst for me are those tiny round bushes, like these for example

Like tiny landmines. Always getting wrapped around and catching me up.


So I totally feel your pain


Haaaaaa that’s great :laughing:

It’s just the nature of the beast. That’s why I love the low profile quick connects. A must in my eyes :grimacing::+1:


Blast them with Hi-Yield’s Killzall and then apply Pramitol. Nothing will grow there for a long time. The Minimalist Landscaper, at your service.

:evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :tulip::mask: :shower: :skull_crossbones: :punch: :no_entry_sign::rainbow::nerd:


when I started in Pest Control we use 300 feet of hose for our power sprayers when I was being trained the trainer said if you had to jump out of a plane and could choose between a parachute and a hose grab the hose because of parachute might not open but a hose will always catch on something


Lol that is so clever. Very wise man.