Immediately 5+ calls a day


Hello everyone,
I’m a new business and I have a really frustrating situation. Somehow my business number got on a spam list and I’m getting calls from all over the country with the offers for internet marketing. Started last week. I got my business listed on Google last week, but I don’t think that would have any connection, would it? Any one else had this same issue, and maybe a solution, besides getting a new phone number? I don’t even answer my phone anymore unless it’s local.


Its not just you, its everyone.

Do you by chance have a Wix website?


Welcome to the internet! :rofl:


Sad thing is that people are still falling for these calls. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be calling anymore.

The fix I found is to get a RingCentral number, and set it up to “press 1 for …, press 2 for…” it confuses the robocallers and they can’t get through.


I currently do not have a website.


Did you register your company anywhere aside from the state?


Nope, haven’t done that either. Where are some other places you could register?


Online. They got your number from somewhere online. Be it a Facebook page, a registered domain, a Yelp listing, etc.


Just don’t fall for these.


Yeah, I do have a Yelp listing, so maybe it’s that.


Lesson learned Majestic66?


I think they get them from the city/state registration. We hadn’t been in business for 1 day before we started getting those calls.


They crawled that listing and got your info.

For the record, it will never end.

Get the Mr. Number app, or get RingCentral.


My brother got HomeAdvisor calls immediately after registering his domain with Wix.


I registered my domain with Wix and got a HomeAdvisor call right away, but it was a legit call from them. However, in my area I do not see it as being a fit, so I will be trying to get them to stop calling as soon as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:


I get calls ALL the time from some a**hole trying to sell me something I don’t want or need. The easy fix? Block the number. They usually will have at least 5 numbers they’ll call you from, but eventually, you get them all blocked so you don’t get more than one or two calls a week.


I wish you luck in your endeavor… they won’t stop lol


The worst one for us are the ones wanting to sell hats and home advisor was terrible. They haven’t called in a long time, and yelp was another too. They all promi$e awe$ome re$ults, hoping you place blind faith in them.


Here I have to have a biz license. I get WORE OUT with callers. The city keeps public record of new businesses, anyone can access the info: name, biz name, address, phone number, email. Some I have actually talked to and they have some cool offers. Others are pushy bullies. I just yell into the phone,“Take my name off the list and don’t call back!!” Then I hang up. Pretty rude huh? If it’s out of area, UNAVAILABLE, I just ignore the call and don’t answer. Welcome to having your own business…you’re not alone. :vibration_mode:


How do these salespeople sleep at night. Can’t you get a real job like me!!?