Im so sick of ettore!


I don’t have a problem with modifying but don’t modify a product and then criticize the manufacturer because it doesn’t perform well after your modification.


BD and Ettore work well in the zero degree handle.


I haven’t got an issue at all with the original posting. The forums, Facebook and Youtube are full of “the latest greatest” mods but it’s important to remember that the original tool generally performs as designed and works efficiently for most window cleaners. There’s a very small bunch of "anal retentives’ (this isn’t an insult as I count myself among them :slight_smile: ), who enjoy ‘tweaking’ so that the tool is optimised to the 'nth degree. I however agree that you can’t do this and then blame something else when it turns to custard. Work your mods step by step and when it doesn’t work move back a step or two…or abandon…no biggie.


My Unger 0 has sat in the shed unused for nearly 4 years now. I used to use Pulex rubber in it simply because the Ettore is quite expensive over here but I can see no reason why it wouldn’t work but imagine Black Diamond in Unger channels would be a fine match…


Yes yes yes!

Actually, I been carried away lately by my discovery of online window cleaners tips and tricks… when I first started it was an Ettore brass fixed handle and channel with Ettore rubber to use, full stop. We all had to make it work there was no choice. It is amazing what a guy can get done with no choice and no internet LoL!

Having said that… my discovery of the Liquidator in last few years has been great primarily because it lessens the constant pressure I have to exert on my simple Ettore tools to get the job done. I can get the same job done now with what feels like half the exertion. I feel all this mental taxation to get the Liquidator “just right” is worth it for the sake of my long term window cleaning body.

I use Ettore rubber in my Liquidator and the rubber works as well as it ever has, plus now even better I feel with the unique narrowed end slicing its way along… I lube the Liquidator channel with soapy water before fitting in my soaped up Ettore rubber, I also agree with others here that the tighter fit of the Ettore rubber in the Moerman channel prevents movement, although with heavy squeegeeing all day long there is some movement away from the leading edge…



I was able to try out the new steconne channels… These things are awesome! I slapped some ettore rubber and viola! Instant glide magic! This whole time i was fighting with these modified channels


I have the ettore ss channels with their rubber and it felt very grabby and hard to fan while using dawn. Switched the soap to ecover and the outcome was completely different. I was able to fan almost as slick as you pros in youtube vids.


i get this with a new bit of razor red. it’s so grippy if you touch dry glass! even when you have 99% of the blade on solution that 1% on dry glass it is like someone slammed the brakes on your squeegee lol


have you tried razor red?


Which handle are you using with the Steccone channel?

I have always wanted to try Steccone out.



Im using the magi-clip aluminum handle wiht the featherweight channels, the combo is super light! Closing out is a little tough on seep sills but i use a contour + for those situations


Instead of me cutting into the channels, i inserted a zip tip to do a dog ear effect. Nexti wanna try notching the rubber, heres all the rubber i got to mess around with

All this rubber was discarded bc i thought the rubber was bad but in fact it was my hacked up channels


Thanks for letting me know what you are using.


Fab. I’m buying some from UK in a week or so time. Any detailing reduction (even if not quite as good as the Liquidator) has got to be a plus! Get it “plus”? Unger S-Channel PLUS.


The S channel plus does limit the amount of detailing you have to do?

Please share your experiences with it.

I am looking forward to trying it out.



Yes it does.I’m doing a lot less detailing with that channel.I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Thanks for the advice. I will try it out