Im so sick of ettore!


Idk, that s channel plus from unGer looks promising. Anyone try it? Never considered dog earing as I can use a squeegee just fine but I do love unger products and kinda want to give it a whirl


If it’s dogeared at the Unger factory it’s an exact science I suppose.


Lol!!! Complains about the most respected rubber in the industry for generations and then post pics of his (self inflicted) jacked up and contorted squeegee channels. Lol! No offense window man but it just struck me as humorous.


I’ve been using the s channel plus since it was released.I was given a free channel by a supplier.I’ve never had any issues with it and would definately recommend it.


Please tell me this is a joke?I’m going to my suppliers tomorrow morning hoping to get hard rubber.i’ve already had a row with him over the last batch of rubber he gave me😢


Perhaps we could all just send our gear to Herman and he could modify it CORRECTLY for us, and then send it back to us. I don’t think some of us know what the hell we’re doing when it comes to modifications. We think we do but we actually don’t.


A premium service costs a premium price. :smiley:


After taking those closeups of my channel ive realised that i jacked them up pretty bad, i got some brand new channels coming in this week so we can have a clean start


No, they do not need any preparation. Just get the rubber in a channel and you’re good to go.


The reason why I don’t bother anymore is because the Liquidator channels with manufactured clips are identical both sides. The challenge with DIY dog earing is 1. Getting it right 2. Replicating it on both sides… you’ve also got to be careful that all sharp edges are smoothed over. The peace of mind you have with plastic at both ends of your channel shouldn’t be underrated…


IDK what others have said, but I know from my own experience sometimes it the blade of the Ronan might not be sharp enough…


So the steccone feathweight channels and handles came along with some black diamond hard rubber. I am VERY impressed with the steccone setup, it is sooo light. I picked up 6,10,12,&14in channels. Now for the rubber!
Man o man, it was definately different from the ettore, the BD slid in smoothly in all my channels, even the 18 liquidator that i had rubberless for months bc it was impossible to slide the ettore rubber feels different but still performs well and glides well, its a different glide from ettore but ill see how it does on route. Dont get me wrong, i love ettore, its what i started with, its like your a parent and your so frustrated with your child that you wanna shake them, but you dont of course lol i was frustrated w it but now i know the channels were fk*d , i swapped them out and now i can go on gliding, thanks again for all the help fellas


It works very well on route work glass, BD is an all round good rubber.


Ettore is also a very good rubber.


Really, how hard did you try I only use ettore rubber in my liquidator and execerator works the best cos it holds the channel in place preventing the rubber from moving, just lube it up with a little soap to get it in.


I lubricated the channel with some soap n water along with the rubber, i noticed on this las shipment of ettore rubber it has this strip of added rubber along the back side of the rubber, so i can see how this added amount of rubber can make it a tighter squeeze, at one point i was tuggin so hard on the rubber that it was was gonna be pointless to meep on bc i probably bowed n stretch the shite out of it


No offense but first you blamed Ettore rubber for your jacked up channels and now your blaming Ettore rubber for not fitting not a channel that was jot designed for Ettore rubber. The liquidator is design to be used with Moerman rubber which is slightly thinner than Ettore rubber. I have used Ettore rubber for 20 years and nothing has changed. With their rubber. No other rubber I have tried compares to Ettore rubber, and I’m in no way partial to Ettore. I wish Sorbo was as good, as I use it for commercial, but it just doesn’t last as long as Ettore.


Yes we understand this now, thank you


Each manufacturers channel is almost always designed with their own branded rubber in mind and regardless of longevity or slip on the glass this should always be kept in mind when testing different brands. Ettore in Ettore channels I have absolutely no issues with or ever have BUT it is not my rubber of choice for the Liquidator, Wagtails or even my Unger Zero degree. …and then we modify… and the degree of difficulty rises again… Use your tool of choice unmodified as the benchmark. e.g. Ettore Brass with Ettore Rubber, Wagtail Slimline with Wagtail Rubber etc. Change out, or modify only ONE thing at a time and then test against your benchmark. Improved, different or worse…and remember not all mods that are on Youtube work or in fact are even necessary, so, proceed with caution…