Im so sick of ettore!


One of the number one reasons I use Ettore squeegees and not some of the newer products is I believe their rubber is #1. Thousands of window cleaners agree. Haha

Using someone else’s rubber in any manufacturer’s squeegee design may not work out so well because the rubbers are all made slightly different. PolznBladz made a video showing the differences and the incabatability of the rubbers with different channels. It was great he had about four different makes and showed how the rubbers were wrong. Of course the video was taken down.


If that’s a joke, it’s a funny one. I actually found a 12-year-old pack of 36" 3-star in my garage from when I was 18 doing CCU with another WC company. I tried to use it but it was way weird. Not sure if my technique has changed so much since then or the chemical components began to break down. But it sucked.


I am a big fan of Ettore. I have tried other rubbers and always go back to Ettore



Me too. Unger Hard… Till it got discontinued :pensive:


Will Ettore rubber work in an Unger S-Channel? Or is there a minute size difference.


Its discontinued?


Yes, its a little tight. But it fits


Yeah. I ordered a gross of 36" hard not too long ago and it didnt say hard on it like it used to, instead they have three stars on it. Mark Strange just told me that they discontinued it.


I havent found anything about it, even Ungers site still has it


have you tried the professional brand rubber that wcr sells? it’s our favorite


Yes it will work.


Yes, they burn out too quick.


i’ve found the opposite, though black diamomd does burn out super quick


Update guys! This am i went back to a buisness to redo their windows, it was so much smoother and no little lines nor smears. i even got to use the liquidator with no problem. Thanks for all the tips guys, this week i hopefully have some diamond rubber coming in along with a steccone featherweight channel/handle. Im excited :slight_smile:


So what did you do to get it to go right???


I had dogeard the left side too much so i bent it a lil more upwards, leveled it out


That is exactly what I use. Ettore rubber in my Unger stainless steel channel. I have done this for years works really well.


In 8 years I’ve never had a bum ettore rubber, ive used it in every standard channel. There was only one rubber that lasted longer and that’s the facelift red rubber, I would only buy that if I could.


Sounds like dog earing isn’t what people call an exact science.