Im so sick of ettore!


Usually when i get my Ettore Rubbers from WCR i take them out and put them in a gallon baggie with added baby powder.


You can bend back straight lined up with the channel.
As the height at the end on the dogear gives enough pressure.


Here’s another video take note these were not bent forward at all.


Haven’t had baby powder on Ettore rubber over here for years. I remember when we did you just washed it off then soaped up the blade anyways. Pretty sure it was to protect the rubbers from damage when rubbing against each other. They used to come in bulk in cardboard boxes. If you want them in multiples ever here now they are in square plastic tubes. I just give them (do the same with Razer Red as well) a soak in warm soapy water and no probs’


… I dunno Jared. Seems like one dip in the bucket and any powder is gone…


I’m not trying to keep the powder. I’m trying to take off the super grip residue or whatever is on those rubbers.

I guarantee it’s not the dog ear.

It’s still good rubber, but you have to break every new piece in.


Never liked Ettore rubber.

Unger Hard is my shiznit!


tell me more about this, does IPA add slip to all dish soaps?


Yeah, but you put an unger rubber in an ettore channel and it’s enough to make you wax a g in the dome straight black and decker.

(Sorry, I had to go to Espanola today so I was diggin the 90’s gangsta rap.)

Unger rubbers are a millimeter shorter than ettore and it’ll straight jack with your flow. Seriously, I thought I was going insane in the membrane and totally lost all ability to clean a window with that unger mess.

If ettore doesn’t get their stuff straight (it’s been over a year now), then my go to rubber will be pulex. I didn’t really care for the professional rubber, but I’ve got a few just as backups for the backup. After that, I’ve got some 7 year old 3 star laying around somewhere.


… Not my experience at all…


sorry mate i can’t understand your banter!


I started doing this a couple of years ago on the recommendation of a vet from Scotland, Jim Thompson (died early last year). At the time I was using Wagtail rubber and the added slip over normal eCover was not subtle. Haven’t tried it with any other soap but I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I normally cut it 50/50 but I was running short of IPA and the latest batch is about 30IPA/70eCover and it has not lost any slip.


Careful with Pulex. I think it’s the same dimension as Unger…as is Black Diamond…


Nope, I’ve tried them all. Unger is the weird one out.


so how much would you add to about 4 gallons of water


I’ve used moreman ,Unger, sorbo , wagtail …and ettore is still by far the best rubber on the market. Longest lasting and best glide out there. For pole work it can be a bit sticky at first but always delivers high quality results. Just my opinion


Believe it is how much even pressure you put on the squeegee blade.
Having dogears bent inwards it will affect the way the squeegee rubber performs.


Mix it with your current soap at a ratio no greater than 50/50 and then dose your water as you normally would.


likely is duff rubber . i had a problem with some Unger soft [bought in a multi pack sealed at factory] . i knew it was Not me because my workers had the same problem. it looked perfect to the eye

i actually took it back in person to the shop/ shop guy was reluctant to refund the whole pack but i forced him to clean his shop window with it . to prove the point . straight away he realized the rubber was duff and then refunded me

point is there could be a 100 reasons why the rubbers duff, from a worn out mixer machine to a guy pissing in the rubber vat on a friday afternoon.

talking of that has reminded me,we did a 1st clean jus before xmas and on the bathroom window sill was a black sticky goo. the lad who cleaned it off was curious what it was . i then recalled a few years ago id seen this same thing-someone in the house was either tipping out urine / or peeing out of the open window catching the sill in the process


Hey Luke: Ettore being the best really isn’t just YOUR opinion. :sunglasses: haha