Ignoring weirdos


3 calls and 2 voicemails from the same customer between 7 and 8 am today, asking a price for exterior only at a small condo. Seems to me like that’s a bit of sociopathic behavior that I’d rather not reward. Is it a jerk move to just ignore customers who give you a weird vibe?


I know one thing. The last thing you want to do is piss off a weirdo. IGNORING them just might do that. Haha


This is me ignoring you::wink:


Just call them lol!! He’s right don’t piss off the weirdos … I almost did and would have missed out on a window, gutter, calcium job… made $1100 on that weirdo


I find that it is never a good idea to ignore a potential customer. One option would be to give a higher price for any added creep factor, this may dissuade them from using your service, or get you a high paying job that may not be bad at all. Also, this customer may not be sociopathic, maybe they had a special event planned and their previous cleaner may have backed out on short notice… again, another opportunity to either help them out, or raise your price to accomodate their emergency. Get the full details, and let us know what you decide!


Ya just mark it up 40%. It it becomes a job then … fine !!
But in all honesty we do get busy An sometimes there isn’t enough time for everyone. So ya can just ignore or answer an say you don’t have room till …

If he called ya 3 times just call him back. Give him what he wants a price. Make sure it’s high.



It might be a little late of a response (time difference)… but…

Make the call, let the person know you are currently book for the season.

This person sounds like a headache for sure.

Let us know how you ended up handling it!


Just depends on how the second message sounded. If it was asking the lines of “I’ve already called a couple of times…” then you’re out. If the second one was “my friend gave me your name and I really want you to come out” then maybe okay.


Ok so I called back around 10 am but got the answering machine so I just left a generic message to acknowledge the calls.

Haven’t heard back yet so w/e


If you would have called 3 times in a row maybe they would have returned your call


Use your other two phones…



Sounds like a eager or impatient person. Some people if they don’t get a hold of you right away will keep calling and eventually call the next window cleaner. I have a customer that calls multiple times just to make sure I am showing up. It"s a $380 window cleaning job, plus I clean her solar panels for an additional $112. I would never pass up a customer unless they’re a violent or threatening person.


My hypothesis is that the minutes between those 3 calls were spent calling other companies in rotation and the weirdo just kept hammering that circuit until SOMEBODY relented and answered their phone.


Sometimes you just don’t know. I had a customer that was due for a semi-annual clean…two weeks before he was due the news reported he shot his wife…in the front yard…in front of neighbors!

No, I didn’t keep the appointment!!


Thanks @Garry now I’m gonna live in fear one of my customers will kill me.


Take it from a Texan…you get used to it.


Hah, what did I have to worry about? He wasn’t pissed at me.


Word from the wise, weirdos that are that persistent are the first people to get on google or any other site and leave a crappy review. Call him back bro haha if you really do realize that you don’t want to work for him, price it high. If he doesn’t take it then you win, if he’s willing to pay the price then weird is ok when the check cashes! :joy: either way you win man. I’ve been there before I get what you mean.


Had a customer call me last year for an estimate on a ccu (pretty sure she got my name from the contractor who did the remodel) so I promptly stopped by that day and quoted her $1800. Calls me again the this spring asking for an estimate, I was like, “don’t you remember I gave you one last year?” She didn’t remember and I couldn’t remember my exact price so I told her I’d stop by again, meet her in person, and look it over one more time. At the time I told her I had time to fit her into my schedule the next few days, otherwise she’d have to wait until July. She says, “Ok July will probably be good since the painters are still finishing up the outside and they have been here over a year” Never heard from her, then she rings me one day in September so I let it go to voicemail. I’m thinking OK her painters are done she’s ready. Nope!!! “Hi this is Jennifer, wondering if you can come give me an estimate on the windows at my house.” Good thing her husband is a Dr. because she is quite possibly the dumbest damn person I have ever dealt with. Never called her back.