If you get a call from 20 92 491 4835


That’s not a typo.

Just got a call from this guy regarding a thread here pertaining to not getting paid from a management company. He doesn’t come out and tell you he is telemarketing his services, which is to help you recoup your money if you’ve been stiffed.

Instead he asks weird questions about @anonblahblah and other members here.
“Do you know them?”

And makes statements like,
"Well, I’m calling you because you had posted on that site “windowcleaner.com…”
“You are the owner of…correct?”

Just in case he calls you, he is trying to sell his services.


i am so sick of telemarketers they’re using local numbers and i service a lot of clients from ohtnof state and we deal with corporate offices all over.


If you get a call from 867-5309 that’s cool it’s just Jenny.