If you could ask Willie one question


What would you ask the maker of Wagtails?
Polite inquiries only please.:blush:


Don’t know if he has changed his way of thinking but was asked this in a Magazine interview a while back.
You make your own conclusions.


Did he get the idea for the wagtail pivoting squeegee from the early model of the Unger Zero Degree pivoting handle?


Is Willie the original developer of the Wagtail? Cuz I remember this from many years ago.





If his handle could accommodate an ettore channel, that would make me very happy.


Here’s an early model the disc was a two piece.



I took a ride to a D.C. Lowe’s with Willie a few years ago. Nice guy!

Aussies say the word “melamine” funny :wink:


That would depend on the timeline surely. When did the original Zero degree come out. When was the first Wagtail produced? If nothing else the one thing Willie did was conceive of the single point free pivot as integral to the tool. The initial reason for the Unger 0° pivot point was to set the angle for clean straight side pulls or off axis down pulls on higher glass. I surmise the reason they ‘improved’ it for the subsequent model was to give better clearance over wide frames. So, even though users ‘discovered’ the ability to fan with the pivot totally loosened I doubt that it was considered in the original design process.


Here is another early one notice clip to hold scrubbing pad and still has the 2 piece disc.
Believe that one had plastic squeegee channel.
Also a promotional video they did.
Check out a much younger Willie.


First version of a High Flyer.
As you can see that they were selling them in the states as well check what you get! just there were a few good ideas.




What is your go to Wag and why?


Here you can see that has changed 2 piece disc to a 1 piece disc connected to channel via pop rivets.
The disc was held onto the handle with rivet first.
But the disc went loose with wear.
This is were they changed it to 5mm bolt nut set up so to tighten the disc went got loose.


UUJ[quote=“Bubble_Guy, post:1, topic:46349”]
What would you ask the maker of Wagtails?

I would ask for a video on Youtube showing clearly and at close quarters the Wagtail Wave waterfed system with both pad and squeegee in action.

This is not enough to part with the money-


The videos on Youtube already are either old, showing earlier versions only and/or obscure.

Luke would do a comprehensive, objective review if he were sent one f.o.c @Luke I am sure.

I have the Jetstream which rinses well on hydrophobic glass. Presumably the Wave is better still. I generally use Gardiner brush and rinse bar however. The Tucker Alpha swivel/rinse-over looks good too.


Well done. Stay tuned this year.


I’m down :blush:


So next change they decided to have bracket on the disc to be able to swap your channels out/in.


Here you see that they have holes in the disc.
This looks like it was to put limiter pins in to control the swivel movement as shown below…
Can see the over the top handle as well with limiter pin in left side.


This is the basics of the movement and changers they made.
But they have many attachment/add on over the years.
So what would you ask??


Wagtail only questions? Because I’d really like to know

  1. Who wrote the book of love?

  2. What is the average air speed of an unladen swallow?