If anyone wants to see a NiceJob/Convert website, mine is hot off the presses


thoughts and advice appreciated…I can still submit changes and update as often as I like.


It looks awesome man! Who did it for you?


These guys right here:

I SWEAR I am making no money on kickbacks from them, nor am I a corporate shill. I first started off using the NiceJob trial, and what it does is it will automatically send invites to reviews your service to your customers after you enter their email/cell automatically, or if youre using Housecall pro and you import your contacts and link NiceJob to Housecall, as soon as you hit finish on the job for Housecall, it will send them the review invite automatically. I think of all the review invites that have been sent, only like 3 or 4 out of 20ish have left no reviews, and I also noticed some people have to be reminded 2-3 times before they leave a review. It doesn’t nag the customer; they get an email text immediately, then a reminder a week or so later, then another reminder a couple of weeks, later, and so on, until it just stops sending them because if they were going to leave a review they would have by that point so it stops asking.

Anyway, they have a section on their site called convert websites, and you basically give them all your company info, upload some pics, any awards you’ve received, youtube links, etc. They then send you a few links to sites they have already built (some people here on the forum have used them already) so you can choose which one you like, and they build your site based on that site. It took them 4-5 weeks to get it up and running, but that’s it. My site has only been up 5-6 days I think now, and I have already gotten two new responsibids from it, when I was lucky to maybe get one a month on my old site. I’m barely using google Adwords, and that is where I am headed into dumping money into next.


Nice site. It makes me want to hire you :grin:

You’ve got some great copy and excellent reviews. Hope you’re killing it. Maybe time to raise your rates?


They did my website and I love it. Great guys to work with.


John, as many times as Ive talked to you I didn’t know you had a site…care to toss it up for us to take a look at?


I think my rates are pretty good. I rarely get turned down for jobs; maybe 1-2 a year. Im charging $10 for a tilt double hung including a sill wipe and a basic screen wipe. On average I can clean one completely in about 6-8 minutes, maybe 10 if there’s some scraping or screen burn removal involved. Im at $20-25 on triple track storms (depending on the client and condition of the windows) if they’re 1 over 1, and starting at $25, sometimes $30 if they are 6 over 6 or more.


Maryville Window Cleaning


I was just going off what a lot of people were saying in their reviews about your prices being so reasonable. Sounds like other companies are delivering less value for more money. Should kind of be the other way around, I think.

I’m a solo operator, and I charge more than most companies in my area who have employees, because I’m delivering more value. I get turned down plenty, and I’m sure many people pass over me without calling because they can see my prices on my site. But I have a good lead flow of people who don’t mind paying top dollar for top-notch service, and I stay as busy as I want.

Anyhow, it’s just a thought. I don’t want to tell you how to run your business. Keep up the good work :wink:


No offense taken at all…It wouldn’t hurt to experiment a bit and go to $12 a window at all. Most of my work is referrals and real estate agents who give my numbers to homeowners right when they are preparing to put the house on the market, and they pretty much do anything the realtor tells them to do. I DO try to keep those jobs at a somewhat affordable range, not lowering prices, but also not grabbing the by the balls and jacking up the price ether. That way the agents will keep calling referring/calling me for those houses. I have done so many houses for a couple of the agents that they just text me an address and a phone number, I’ll look at it on google maps, and call the customer and tell them (for example) it’ll be between $300-400, and that way I don’t even have to make a special trip to price it. They just say yes, we set a date, and I keep it within that 300-400 range and it hasn’t failed me yet. These jobs are also usually about 15-20 miles one way, so not having to drive tp price it is nice. But yeah, I think I will experiment with $12 a window and see what that does. I usually have a lot of 20-25 window houses that come out to abut $250ish that I can bang out with the waterfed in about 3-4 hours roughly, so to bring up a $250 house to $275 or $300 wouldn’t be a bad thing. Also, If I feel like its a small job I sometimes add on an extra $25-50 to bring the price up a bit just for the hell of it.


snazzy site, John…very clean and modern. Hows the NiceJob referral system working out for you? do people leave reviews right away or do they seem to drag their feet?


The referal system works great. Each contractor has the app on there phone or iPad and sends it to the customer after the job. If the job is a Responsibid it also gets sent from NiceJob.


@John, don’t mind the ResponsiBid I just did on your site. I was curious what follow-up emails get sent. The RB Beta looks nice on mobile, btw.


@maussimo010 @John I’m really impressed with both websites. Im looking to build a new website but I might just use NiceJob instead. I just wanted to ask, how well do they perform when it comes to appearing in search results?


They rate high on the search.


I love your site man! So clean!

I like the background photos that change too as you scroll down. Well done man.


Can I ask about how much you paid for the setup and how much it costs per month? We thought about using these guys back when they were called something else. Hatch? Hatchspot? Something like that, it’s been a while. I’ve always liked their work and we’ve grown to a point where we need something awesome instead of the usual cookie cutter site.

Anyhow, I know there’s an initial setup fee and then an ongoing monthly fee depending on the number of landing pages and some other factors that I don’t recall. If you could provide some insight I’d appreciate it!


The first thing I saw when I opened your website was the ladder on the rack. It is type II (green caps) and no leg levelers.
Type III (red caps) are lighter, when you move those ladders all day long, it makes a difference.
I am on a ladder 200 days a year at least, it only makes sense to have leg levelers (around$80 a pair) on your extension ladders. Don’t forget the ladder mitts:) Convenience and safety!!!

Great site, I need to work on mine:)


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Love the website and your uniforms too!