I need some input for this website content, please


Hey guys and gals, please give me some feedback on the following, it’s part of a website I am working on. If the picture, I post doesn’t size right I’ll re-post with a different format.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to share your input - good, bad, or otherwise.


You need clear titles:

Real Estate
Commercial / Storefront

Then use title tags (h2, h3, etc) throughout your text because if all you have is a lot of words, people are just going to:

People don’t read on the internet. They look at the bolded words, they look at titles, they look at pictures, but words are really only there for google.


Thanks JaredAI,
I’ll have to look up title tags. I need to like to the Residential, Commercial / Storefront pages. [quote=“JaredAI, post:2, topic:42987”]
People don’t read on the internet.
Totally agree.

I would love to only have a three page website:

  1. Hello, we can solve your problems.
  2. Here’s our tiered pricing, Schedule Here and Now.
  3. Thank you. Tell your friends.

Man, that would be great.


Hey Jared: Are you saying nobody wants to read all the valuable information I put on my website?


Nope. Just google.

Humans want pictures, they want scan-ability. The only things that I read are wcr and tech type pages. Oh, and if you post on wcr a long post that’s not scan-able - then I’m not reading it either.

According to this page http://blog.usabilla.com/8-guidelines-for-better-readability-on-the-web/ people only read 20% of a webpage - but I didn’t read that page either. I browsed the titles, saw the highlighted number and there you go.


I don’t read the long posts on WCR either


you need to pay a professional to proof read that. ask the proof reader to include wording that will enhance it
its not expensive to have proof reading done either, i paid something like £30 to have it done for my own website


I agree Jonnyald, reading it now I’ve noticed misspellings and a few words I would change.

Luckily, it is far from a print-ready piece. I have an old friend who is a University Prof that proofreads for me, from time to time.

It might be hard to believe, not really, that I have dyslexia and writing without skips, repeat words, omitted words, using like words, etc… can be a real pain some times.

Funny part is, one of my lifelong hobbies is writing. I have even written a few stage plays that have been produced at the University level. This seems to be a pretty common trait with dyslexics; facing their difficulty’s head-on.

Sadly, a lot of people who can write perfectly find no joy in it.

Thank God for Proofreaders and Spell Checker!!!:joy:


I’m not a fan of trying to appeal to potential customers through “blanket” flattery. Seems a bit condescending. Most ppl of intelligence will see right through that and might even get turned off from it.

I suggest you leave out “what they’ve [the customer] done”, and add more of what “you” can do for them.

Also, use pictures. Less words.


:confused: Can you point to the part that seems condescending?

Perhaps what seems condescending is actually our ‘Marketing Signals’. Our ideal client is either success-driven or already successful in what they do. The majority of which like to surround themselves with like-minded people. At least that’s the way it is in my neck of the woods. Society, of which a good portion haven’t tried to succeed at anything, says successful people should be humble to the point of being apologetic and not enjoy their success…we say otherwise.

No intended condescension there.

Make no mistake, when I write of success I’m talking mostly of achievements and not financial success. For our ideal client, however, financial success is a byproduct of their personal achievements. Let’s face it, anyone who can afford a window service has been successful to some extent…or, is willing to make the needed sacrifices because they see the value of it.
Our company is not looking to be a bargain-hunters window washer. We provide a ‘Value Service’ and we are targeting clients who understand value and price are two disconnected measures of worth.

[quote=“RSH, post:9, topic:42987”]
add more of what “you” can do for them
[/quote] Agree. That’s in the works, and will be on the ‘Residential Services’ Page.

Agree. The pictures are in the works, as well; editing and formatting them now. It takes a little time since we only use client approved photos. Most people can spot a stock photo from a mile away…I know I can. Some websites have nothing but stock photos and it can be telling.


That makes three of us. Scrolling is your friend. Lol


Agreed, people want the easiest and prettiest way to get your phone number.

You DO need killer content if you want Google to give a crap.


I think everyone scans post to some degree, long and short. For me, forums are different than websites. And, It depends on:

  1. I’m trying to gather information.
  2. Someone has taken the time to reply.
  3. The info might save me time or money.

A lot of people have a hard time structuring their knowledge into words. It doesn’t mean what they have to say is of less value.


I just grabbed the first sentence…

“You’ve worked smart and achieved your dreams…”

How do you know they did that? Your being presumptious. You might be giving them credit where credit is not due. Too many assumptions.

And if it IS true (which it probably is) then they already know that… so therein lies the condescension…

your presuming to tell them something about themselves that they already know yet you yourself do not actually know them.

Moreover, how do u know this is their dream? Maybe their dream is to own thier own island? Maybe their dream is to live in another state or country. But, you apparently know them so well that you know this is THEIR dream!! That’s a very dangerous presumption- about them. (And is condescending)

You’re underestimating their intelligence.

By writing that, your coming across that they won’t be “smart enough” to see “through” it… (“it” being that your trying to “butter them up”- but you already knew what “it” was right? See, i just presumed you didn’t know what “it” was) which they will and some will resent you for it.

It’s like when u watch a movie and the director spells out everything for the viewer because he assumes the viewer is to dumb to piece it together.

A safer bet, would be to play to the area (if you’re going down the flattery path- which i wouldn’t any ways)… instead of saying, “You’ve achieved your dreams, you did this or that…” Say, “We live in a beautiful area and I’d like to make your views a bit brighter” - something like that where your complimenting “the area” and “then telling them what you can do for them”


Thank you for your thoughts.

Ummm, don’t take this as condescending, but most people who haven’t worked smart, to some extent, or haven’t achieved some of their dreams don’t have the money and/or can’t see the value in letting a professional clean their windows.

Some people who have self-limiting thoughts and fear unabashed success react negatively to this style of Marketing Signals. Because, they feel excluded or unworthy and that just not true. This is not a sign of intelligence…it’s a sign that self-limiting thoughts are holding them back from enjoying something. And, there are probably other areas in their life where self-limiting thoughts are having the same effect.

Easy comparison here:
'Have a Coke and a Smile.'
If any of the following enters your mind, then your not Coke Cola’s target market:
I don’t want to smile.
I don’t deserve a Coke.
I can’t afford a Coke.
I can’t have a coke because my friends can’t afford a coke.
I don’t deserve to smile.
Don’t tell me what to do.

In my market, marketing the Super Heroes approach wouldn’t go far at all. This is not an attack. I’m trying to show that your ‘Marketing Signal’s’ probably is working for you in your area, but it wouldn’t work at all in my market.

Thanks for spending your time and sharing your opinions.


My thoughts are coming from a sales perspective. “Have a coke and a smile” is insenutaing that a coke will give u a smile… in other words, the coke is doing sonething FOR the customer- not assuming the customer has already DONE something. That’s the difference, your giving accolades to someone you don’t know as a sales tactic. And in my oppinion (someone who has been very successful in sales and trained very successful sales ppl), that particular tactic doesn’t work across any demographic, because ppl see right through it.
Some ppl will choose to ignore it, but from my experience, most will not appreciate it.

The Super Hero theme is not a sales tactic (we don’t even charge more for it), its a theme or a niche. Im not selling the super heroes, its an added bonus going with my company, mostly because its fun.

Understand, that I’m in no way trying to say that what your doing is malicious. I dont believe that. And im not at all attacking you (prior military so i just speak directly) Its just my oppinion that that particular sales tactic doesnt work with any level of success-minded customers. And I’ve sold to the likes of Usher, Beyonce, Serena Willams, Tiki from Bon Jovi, and other considerably “successful” people. And I’ve achieved what i would call a great deal of success as well and when i see those tactics, that’s what i think.

If you stick with it and it works, let me know!

Also, i think i forgot to mention, that particular sales tactic (from my experience) can work, but only in person and genuine.


Yes, you defined Coke’s intent behind that commercial. I was using it as a simple example of how people’s self-limiting thoughts can hold them back.
I will have to disagree with your perceptions of my intent, and that’s ok.
You having been in sales answers a lot of questions for me. You kind of come off as looking for the hook in everything. There is no hook here. I truly respect the people I provide a service to.
Note: Niche marketing, is a form of ‘Marketing Signals’ Super Heroes says kid/family friendly…that is the market you are signalling to. But, you are also sending a negative Marketing Signal to the older couple who don’t want Batman hanging off a ladder cleaning windows.
Btw, I’m a Vet as well.
Time for me to get back to work.