I need help pricing storefronts


My friend has a window cleaning business and told me to charge about 2 bucks per side for an average window and fast food resteraunts and mom and pop places. Thing is when I count there windows it alwaya comes out to what I would think is way too high. A was looking at a new Captain D’s recently(average size fast food chain) and with that formula it came out to be about 80 bucks. That seems high to me. What is your formula for pricing these locations. Also, what about storefronts in strip malls?



Got to try it see what happens a recommendation from somebody in your area could be better than somebody on here that is in a completely different area.

Try it out if you’re awarded too many jobs consistently need to raise your prices if you can’t get any jobs it may be time to think about lowering them. you got to see what works for your area by doing that you got to start somewhere.

You will likely be surprised at what people will pay.


Thanks. I think I may try just doing bids by how much I want to make per hour instead of charging per window.


$1.67 per minute.


Good price for residential, not so much for storefront.


I broke a few store fronts down that I do, between $1.25 and $1.40 per minute. Residentials are between $1.67 and $1.78 per minute.


we have minimum $30 store fronts even if its one pane


If your friend that is a window cleaner is making a descent living at that price in your market…

Then run with that pricing to start, but don’t limit yourself on what you believe some one will pay for your service.

I’m not sure how your setup business wise ( business lic,insurance, business cards, company apparel etc) or just flying by the set of your pants…

The more polished the appearance in
your gear and process of cleaning the glass the more money you can demand for your services.
(Especially when you service your future residential clients)

Hope this helps.