I got it sussed! (The liquidator 2.0)


I’ve used Liquidator 1 and 2 with Ettore, Unger, Wagtail and of course Moerman. I find using it on a Pole in a fixed handle, especially for straight pulls an absolute waste of time. May as well just stick to what you’re used to. On a pole the Liquidator comes into its own on a single point pivot handle. Now if you don’t get on with the Excelerator then fit it to a Wagtail slimline or PC handle and disc. I still bring my heavily modded one out on occasion. Works well, a little more forgiving because the pivot isn’t as fast but being fixed angle (I heated and straightened to 25°) doesn’t have the options that the Excelerator gives.


I’ve actually been using an 18" liquidator 2.0 with the ledge eze brass (no fliq) and unger green clips as well, but for in hand use. It’s been almost a month now and I love the combo. Keeps the liquidator nice and firm while on the glass. Been using a dogeared wagtail highflyer for polework. Btw, what kinda rubber you got in that thing?


Moerman (aka Gümmifabrikken) rubber for now.

It’s certainly no worse than any other channel used in that capacity. Perhaps even a bit better, since it eliminates the need to carry a second pole or switch tools on a single pole. And it does reduce/eliminate edge detailing (though the top still needs some touching up sometimes).


except a standard channel leaves water along the edge that you have to go back and detail and the liquidator does not, if the window is 2 or 3 pulls but you don’t have to bring your pole down, stick a towel on it and detail with a pole, you save a ton of time. I’m often faster doings straight pulls on a stick with liq flick than if i fanned them.


Okay it’s been about 4 months Samuel…so what’s your opinion on the liquidators with the ledge eze with the brass backing plate…


I would like to know also


I use it on one stop during my route, where a string of office units have some divided panes and very shallow frames above head height. They also happen to be exactly the width of my channel and a couple feet from top to bottom, and they are always in direct sunlight. In this situation, the Liquidator with fliq pad and ledge eze cannot be beaten for speed and accuracy.

Every other stop I use a 14" wagtail with fliq pad on it, or the same old 18" brass channel w/ledge eze for pole work and ground level stuff.

For me, it’s the fliq pad I would never give up. The Liquidator 2.0 end clips are still too fiddly for me to enjoy most of the time.


Thanks for the response Samuel.

The Fliq pad concept is really nice.


replace the rubber with black diamond hard rubber it works the best. I hate the moerman rubber did the same to me


Good to see you around @dexter445!


It’s a real shame we have to modify ‘ready for market’ products to make them work. It’s a good thing for our suppliers that most window cleaners are ingenious, patient, inventive and inquisitive. Dog earing, extra clips, using a different manufacturers rubber than the one that was supplied etc etc.

I can’t imagine a carpenter happily modifying a professional power drill bit retainer and rejoicing that he had ‘improved it’ to make it work as required. He would get the manufacturer to refund and get it right before selling again.


I have V1 and V2 Liquidator Channels of various lengths up to 22” on Moerman fixed handles, Ettore Contour Pro, Excelerators and Wagtails. I use no other channel EVER. I’ve had no need or desire to modify either version in any way EVER. It does exactly what it was designed for AS designed with whatever rubber I happen to throw in them. Moerman Soft/Hard, Unger Soft/Hard, Black Diamond Soft/Hard, Ettore, Pulex, Steccone and Razor Red…
Having problems? Study PolznBladz videos. Can’t handle Techno? Tip: Turn the volume down. Study Tradmans videos…no music there, just a competent chatty Scotsman who mastered the tools and uses nothing else. …and there are a number of others on YouTube who likewise have mastered them…unmodified. The interesting thing is that those that are cruising with these tools are using almost identical techniques to… yep… PolznBladz.


I believe the issue some are having boils down to 2 things.

  • The angle of the rubbers edge to glass.

  • Impatient

Me and the “little diva” use to disagree often, until we came to a mutual agreement. Now we hang out all day and at the end the day we’re both happy I save 10 to 30% time and the “little diva” doesn’t have to sit in the box of misfit tools.


The paperclip one is my favorite


Sigh. You do have an issue with Bob don’t you Samuel? Retention for some rubbers is totally valid especially if you’re using Liquidator with Ettore handles. Whether you use paperclip, toothpick, small zip section or, my choice, Unger Green clips doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that on some non Moerman handles they are beneficial and they do aid with clean blading with some rubbers. More so for the V1 clips however. Most of the time with V2 I don’t find them necessary at all.


It puzzles me why these tools are used everyday without any problems but others seem to drill, hammer and replace parts to achieve something i somehow manage to use everyday with zero issues and zero detailing. I have all kinds of windows and frames in my business to do and the ONLY frame i don’t like to use my liq channel on is rough chipped wooden frames. I use the s plus unger for them. All in all the big thing is SLIP SLIP SLIP, if your solution is not slipy enough then it won’t work. I use ettore master rubber everyday and by far the best all round rubber I’ve ever used.


100% spot on comment from Scotland. Slip and best rubber are the keys. The Moerman is a good design from the box.
I have used Wagtail, Liquidator Fliq etc on a pole and they do work well but have gone back to brass clips and Ettore brass master with Ettore rubber for ground level work. Any work needing a pole is now water fed only. Much safer and quicker and the frames are always cleaned. 6 weekly cleans in UK however.


PS. I have watch all YT videos by Trad-Man, PolznBladz and Wagga. All good. Must get some work done…


This is my Moerman modified for pole work with Euro thread so I can use my WFP. It is for sale on Ebay UK Moerman Liquidator 2.0 FliQ Squeegee and Applicator 14”

https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F272951382448 .


I’m sure he’s great in real life.

What does bug me is the apparent refusal to admit a few of the Liquidator/Excelerator design elements could benefit from just a wee bit of tweaking in the next go around.

When I get told that all the issues are MY fault, and the tool is just perfect as it is, that’s a hard pill to swallow.

But maybe I’m just a stubborn dolt.