I got it sussed! (The liquidator 2.0)


@Samuel, you get major props for sticking with this! I don’t have the patience you have displayed with this issue…or are you just stubborn???


And obsessive. It’s a dangerous ternion.


Got my modded Wagtail Flipper working brilliantly,I’ve changed my dog eared channel for the Liquidator 1.0


I just bought the liquidator/flick combo to try it out… what is the problem you were having? What did the mod solve?


The rubber was missing water near the end of the channel. Seems the main reason was due to the end clips pinching it too firmly and causing a tiny deformation on the blade edge.


ya that’s definitely a good tool you got going there.


It just made sense to me that since you are a smooth WCer and you were having success with the Liquidator before The Troubles and since I am not as smooth with a squeegee as you but I am having success in my cooler climate it was most likely the increased temperatures that were the significant variable that had changed

Do you know at which temperatures you started having problems? I am assuming that hotter glass being in contact with the blade might(?) have contributed to the problems. In my hometown I probably won’t be doing WC with temps in the 70’s (because that is BEACH weather!!) but my son @Natebrown86 will be in the much hotter Fairbanks climate this year and he will be using Liquidator most of the time and I plan on working there with him one week every month.


Weather around here has been in the 70’s and 80’s lately. In the 50’s and 60’s it seemed to work better.

Can’t wait for those 95+ days :disappointed_relieved:


In the main I’m staying out of this as I am not, nor ever had the issues that Samuel is experiencing. I am following and also am awaiting a small shipment of spare clips so am not going to try this mod as yet. A couple of observations however.

  1. Any modification carried out on a production model of any tool needs to be carefully analysed. Does it work universally across all lengths. Samuel has already mentioned that on the 18" it doesn’t. So the question has to be put forward “Is this the ultimate answer to my perceived issues”.
  2. I would caution any newbies to the tool to use it as produced on a Moerman handle, either Excelerator or their Bi-Component for a period of time and work on getting the tool to work for them prior to throwing up their hands in despair and immediately taking this modification as gospel.
  3. I live in the lower South Island of New Zealand and we get cold winters and warm summers and the temperature has never effected the clips, rubber yes, clips no. However to clarify. I do not use a BOAB. Tools are contained in a bucket so are always wet. I do carry a 12" Excelerator in a loop at my rear pocket, so in winter I use hot water and in summer cold.

Last night at one of my contracts I experimented for interests sake with the 18" (V2 clips) and the 22" (V1 clips). These are not easy channels to work with. Slow and steady on a fixed handle I was able to eliminate end lines by being brutally pedantic with the angle of the rubber on the glass. I discovered they are both problematic unless you maintain a steep angle. e.g. at 40 degrees the handle still has to be slightly higher than parallel to the glass and of course to blade cleanly at that length a little more pressure than normal is required with care that equal pressure is being exerted on both tips. This is not rocket science. I used to exhibit the same care with my Ettore and Unger 18" channels.

Interesting thread. Keep posting as you continue testing…


I too was at the similiar point as Sam a couple weeks ago.

However, since implementing the extra solution and SIDE/SIDE/GLIDE method, I make no mods to anything LQ and now it feels like this:

The lack of glide leads to a whole array of issues. To go along with Eric, I’ll sometimes wet the rubber itself - something Id never do with standard squeegee.

The only thing is trying to fit an Ettore rubber into the v2 clips is difficult, so, dont use them. Simple.

Good work to Sam. I knew youd break through.

Random gif in the spirit of baseball season. Randy Johnson classic:


The blade angle to glass is so important also Jordie. I’ve gone back to Razer Red being my fav rubber again after many months of disillusionment. I was firmly in the Black Diamond camp and more so when I would from time to time try the Razer again, damn stuff would drag at the ends and screech like a banshee on drying glass. (I’ve got a lot of it and my Scots background was screaming at the waste)… It was only a couple of weeks ago that I discovered, purely by accident, that all I had to do was raise the handle a few degrees further from the glass and ‘boom’, the Red was on ballbearings. The BD being slightly shorter requires a shallower angle on the Excelerator/Liquidator. I got so used to it that the dreaded ‘muscle memory’ had set in and I hadn’t been adjusting for the different attack point of the Razer. Immediately I did this the glide was superb with no end drag and no screech. The bonus as you will have heard is that the longevity on this rubber is simply second to none…


Yes, Ive been wanting to get some. Know of companies that will ship to USA?


I know @marcuswindows imported some from the UK. Give him a shout out… If you do order, purchase by the sealed pack. 36" x24 tends to be the most economical way to get it. I got mine sent out to NZ by Lee Martin of


Very obliging guy and his freight charges generally don’t cause your eyeballs to bleed.


Thanks Eric!:sunglasses:


Its my favourite tool.


wheel stops it snagging/juddering

on the frame edge


Training Wheels :slight_smile: Patented?


Spot on!
Long live the Razr Red Rubber!


The Wagman Pizzanator.


it seems theyre already in production! and heres me thought i got something new

Wheeldator is due for release late in 2017 .