I can't get any customers! HELP!


So I am going to resurrect this old thread and ask a dumb question here. I’m doing a lot of research on flyers, from design to target audience. So let’s say you distributed 30000 flyers, which is a heck of a task alone. What would be the end result? Is that a viable way to build your business from scratch? Is that the best way to say getting 200 customers that you clean for twice a year?


I guess my question is, as a one person show, if you distributed that many flyers let’s say in a one month period then does that automatically put you in a situation where you get so many calls and work that you really do risk killing your business? My ultimate goal as a new business owner and someone that wants to leave my job and work for myself is to have anywhere between 150 to 200 residential customers that want twice a year service.


Since its not realistic to pass out 30,000 flyers you do t need to be concerned with dealing with over booking.

Start with a number that is realistic, a few hundred and see what bookings you generate.

The number of flyers delivered doesn’t necessarily get you the same response percentage if your looking for immediate work. Some could be customers now or in 6 months


Maybe a better idea is 30000 in the same area over a longer period of time. I live about 15 minutes from a large gated community of about 10,000 residents. I was talking to a gentleman from there that owns a flyer delivery company. Now this is someone that has seen and delivered flyers for any type of business you can imagine. I was explaining to him that I have a window cleaning business and needed flyers delivered. He commented that he knew of folks going around cleaning windows for businesses but never heard of anyone doing it for residential. My first thought was what a incredible untapped opportunity here.


Using an experienced flyer service seems a good way to go…Maybe start with that gated community, flyering 3 or 4 times there, rather than spreading out to 30,000 homes just once.


i put out about 4 thousand fliers my first year and did $50,000 gross. i would say put out 500-1000 as quickly as you can and then commit to putting out 50-100 per day for the rest of the year and you should end up quite busy.

don’t stop putting them out when the phone starts ringing.

find out what the median home price is in your area, add 10% and never put a flier on a home worth less than that.


You should start with the cost for 30,000 flyers printed and delivered.

How much did he quote you?

Do you have the money?


This guy quoted me $200 to deliver 4000 flyers. I think that’s a awesome deal. He can also print the 4000 for a price of $225 but they are black and white


Here is another view of things…

In some places, the reason flyers aren’t used in those gated communities for window cleaning, is maybe the only window cleaners that are already working there, are doing so on referrals or are recommended by a HOA.
OR maybe everyone has more house than money.

Don’t get too excited. That’s not to say don’t try, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Your target audience are going to be the people that WANT your service, and can AFFORD your price. YOU have to sell YOURSELF to them. As importantly, you also need to have a good market copy to convey your message.


Are you mostly residential?


I have a friend who is a handy man, his only way to generate work is flyers.
Here its a little different he pays someone to deliver 1000 at a time, he tells me he gets 10-15 calls out of 1000, he does the same set of areas on a sporadic basis.

I keep meaning to do some when I get quiet, but I guess I haven’t got that quiet yet.




Its amazing in today’s world of digital technology that old fashioned flyers still work.


Gated community typically means that no flyering is enforced. Just mail it to them. I learned from Chris book that if you play dumb games you get dumb prizes. If you pay someone 10-12 cents a flyer, They aren’t gonna put them in gated communities and then you come get the customers you want. Pay the 17 cents each and have them in people’s mail boxes. Ive only sent out one blast a year ago. 700 total mailboxes. With printing and delivery it was 400 bucks. I got two customers directly and about 5 from walk by “can I have your number/ card for of thing” I had clear pricing on them outlined in dotted lines=coupon… Mor one of these customers flinched when I charged them a premium for their service. This winter they all repeated. I figure I MADE about. 3300 bucks from that door hundred so far. I too was scared to send it “too many” and get too much work. No such thing.


Yes, I totally agree… EDDM is the way to go in gated communities where you can’t flyer. My first EDDM, I forgot to put any kind of offer on it and it still worked well.


That is a good idea, I have heard of this method in advertising-- something to look into down the road. Mail bombs!


You need any help I’m ready to move


Listen! If you’re not cleaning windows you should be walking in doors.
Walk in doors never give up never surrender.
Once in the door ask them if they ever need a window cleaner?
Be really good at window cleaning.
Be presentable.
Be professional.
Persist you can do this.
If you’re not cleaning windows you should be walking in doors.


Just Enjoy the Process of Failing and learning and I’m sure whatever helped you start will guide you. Fortune cookie wisdom from a window cleaner :wink: