Hydro power bags


Does anyone know about how much resin is in one… I’m debating refilling bags from loose resin.




Chat with Alex on WCR. He can help you with that…he knows everything…not kidding. :open_mouth:


I think it’s about 1/5th a cubit foot.


Calls for 6 litres, I tried refilling my bags for about a year, spent so much time trying to get the right amount in there. If they’re not full enough then you won’t get good enough filtering, too full and you can’t close the lid.
I just pour loose resin straight into the hydro power unit. Eye ball it til it’s about at the top and keeping going til snug with lid closed.
I just changed mine a week or so ago, total swap out time less than 5 minutes.
Flip Hydropower upside down over garbage bag, and it all falls right out.
I keep some loose resin in the truck, with a scoop ready and a garbage bag. In case I need an on site resin change.