Huge Shout Out


to Tony, Larry, and all who’ve helped educate me on FD.

The glass at the house I did yesterday had already been damaged by the previous window cleaner. The homeowner’s had VERY recently purchased the home, unaware of the damage. The windows were very gross, so the scratches were not very visible before the cleaning.

Anyway, I had my waiver signed and had done a bit of “customer education” though she seemed a bit disinterested (kind of “yeah yeah, where do I need to sign?”). After the windows were clean, the wife was like “Wow. There’s a lot of scratches here!”

And from the other room her husband said “Yes sweetheart. But it’s not his fault, remember what the guy from ShineView in Maryland told us about that debris stuff?”

Apparently their window cleaner at their previous home had done some education, and that stuck with him.

So just a big encouragement to all of you…

Educate your customers. It might simplify another window cleaner’s life a bit, one day.

I’ll educate mine, but no one really moves away from Savannah, once they see the Lowcountry for themselves, so I doubt any of you will benefit from it.



Great to hear that customer education is alive and well across regions.


Yeah thats some great news. And I’m sure it didn’t take long to explain what could exist on the surface of the glass.

Good for you Michael.


Good job Michael! Education is the key.


First off that is GREAT that the customer understood what happened and that you didn’t do it. Without sounding like a total salesman here, the next step is to offer to remove those scratches for them. They know the problem is there and yet they don’t know you can solve the problem they have. FD scratches are annoying because you only see them when the light is just right, but when it is man do you see them. Removing FD scratches is easy, can be done quickly and further differentiates you from the local competition.

Great to hear that the education is working!