Huge improvement...for me, anyway


I recently bought the scrubber and the brass pad at the same time. My pad wore out already, and I never really cared for using it on on the end of the pole because it felt too thin, like I wasn’t getting much scrubbing power or tactile feedback. Then it occurred to me to try the white 3M pads (7445 is 3M stock/part number) and it fit well without having to cut the pad down to size. All I did to fit around the pole mount was cut 2 slits in it with a razor blade and pressed the screws through the pad and locked it down. I love these pads more than anything and always have a box in my truck and a half pad in my bucket. It worked really well on the house I was at today.


This is a great idea.


Thanks for sharing. Do these actually have more scrubbing power/abrasiveness than bronze wool pads when used on hand or is it a matter of having more feedback when used on wfp?


I feel like it has more scrubbing power because it’s so thick and dense. If you have a flat surface behind it when you’re scrubbing it’s really aggressive, as opposed to just putting it in your palm and scrubbing with it because it pushes more of the pad into contact with the glass.


In my experience if a pad is too thick you lose scrubbing power. I think there is a sweet spot as far as thickness goes.


I agree with you, but as I use the white pads they get a bit compressed and flatten out with use so they get thinner pretty fast without really losing scrubby power


This video show you how to put small holes to make Doodlebug Pad material scrub better quicker.
Also make bigger holes in Doodlebug pads so to allow you to have water fed pads.


I saw that after, but I had no idea what a doodlebug is/was, and I can’t figure out what he’s even mounting the pad to…




You can put them on like this also. or like this


In fact you could use this as a stand alone water fed scrubber.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::slightly_smiling_face: