Huge Convention - who will I be lucky to meet face to face this year?


Norhern Lite Poles will be displaying again at the Huge Covention. Just curious who from the WCR forums will I be lucky to meet face to face for the first time this year?

Still time to grab your ticket!


Wish I could go…I REALLY want to go!..But I am saving all my extra funds for my trip to the Philippines for my wedding in September.

I WILL be there next year!..Maybe I’ll even take a road trip up your way to check out your store before I leave!


Just an FYI, we will be launcing a new super rigid pole and previewing a crazy tall and rigid pole from Japan. this thing might just be the stiffest and tallest pole out there.


That’s quite the road trip fromwhere you are.


I bit of a drive…haha…but only about 4 hours…It will give me a reason to go to Niagara Falls too!..I haven’t been there in many years.


I will be there.


I am from the Falls. I want to go so bad but apparently I have to take the kids on vacation first.



Might be or will be?

I’m interested


I am as well :slight_smile:


I’ll be there with my wife. Didn’t think we’d make it but looking forward to it!


Well let me put it to you this way, we know that carbon fibre is pretty rigid. But high modulous carbon fibre is more rigid. And ultra high modulous is wicked rigid. The material in the pole sections that we’re bringing to New Orleans is more rigid than ultra high modulous. :wink:


Reanna and I will be there. Very excited yo meet everybody!


Excited to meet everyone as well! Looking forward to meeting you in person Luke since we’re in the same city. I’ve even seen your truck in my dad’s neighborhood on Shady Lane in Oakview, but all I know is YouTube Luke and the Luke that talked me into signing up for Housecall Pro. Lol


Customer Factor is better. And cheaper. Just sayin, lol…


I’m gettin rigid just hearing you talk about it…


I tried customer factor … It is cheaper…but seemed almost unfinished or just kinda janky…imo hcp offers more and seems that they are always trying to improve. Idk just my opinion


I know what you mean. It doesn’t have that final polish on it. That was the first thing I noticed about it too. I like the HouseCall interface, I just think they are way overpriced. And I like the fact that if I have an issue or question regarding the Customer Factor, I can just email or call the actual owner and he replies every time. That’s awesome!


Kids these days… Tcf was a cutting edge interface face in the early 2000’s.


That is nice …i think it’s Steve right? I spoke with him before and seemed like a very nice and helpful guy. In hcp’ s defense they have an online chat help option , somebody will reply within 5 mins to get your answered taken care of.


So was this console in 85 lol