Huck Towels for automotive windows cleaning


Hey everyone, first post here.

This isn’t related to cleaning the kinds of windows this site is probably intended for - so if this thread is in the wrong place or not allowed, I apologize.

I’ve struggled to find a solid non-linting/cost effective (cheap) towel for window cleaning for awhile now. So a week or two ago I’d ventured out of the automotive detailing forums and decided to see what professional window cleaners use/recommend. I feel like if there’s a towel I can use to wipe down my windows and leave them streak free - you guys here would be able to point me in the right direction.

What I’ve tried:

  • Regular microfiber towels of varying density and nap style. These seem to always lint to some degree.
  • Waffle weave microfiber towels: I’ve had the most success with these, although they’re definitely not the most cost effective choice I’ve come across depending where/who you purchase them from.

This is where I came across huck towels. I got my towels in a few days ago, and I’ve washed/dried them three times. When I clean my window with them, they still seem to leave behind a film/residue. My first instinct was maybe it’s my cleaner. Being that I can’t really squeegee a windshield or rear window in a sedan, I’m using these with glass cleaner. Is it unusual for them to leave a very streaky finish if you wipe a window down with them?

I realize I’m not really using these the way you would use them as a professional window cleaner - to detail around the edges and wipe the sills down (that’s what i’ve gathered you use them for after a half dozen window cleaning tutorials, anyway. sorry if my terminology is off lol.)

Do you have any recommendations on how to approach cleaning a window with these? I realize that most of you probably aren’t using a rag to produce streak free windows, so if this wouldn’t even be your go to if you were put in a situation where you had to - i’d love to hear what you’d reach for.

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Why not?

I understand the glass is curved so you need to use a small channel and straight pulls with the curve.

I would use scrim, depending on hot the glass is you may have to use it not damp, there is a video out there some where of how to use a scrim you wet a little with pure water, then wring the hell out of it so its practically dry, whip it around and its ready to use.

Before squeegees there was the 3 rag method.


I guess I should’ve specified when I meant in a sedan I literally mean the interior of the windows, but I guess maybe you could also squeegee that if you really wanted to? I can hardly get my banana hands down in the corners of some of these windows I’m cleaning, let alone an entire squeegee. I would love to see someone do that though! I’d mostly be concerned about squeegeeing water into nooks and crannies I wouldn’t want it to get into.

I’ll look into scrim though, thanks.

This is actually how I clean the interior of windows that are pretty filthy, and it does work. After doing some playing around with the huck towels I have, I definitely don’t seem to be able to produce a streak free window with only them (regardless of how many I use in the process). but I did find that if I use it as my third towel in my process, it does a great job removing any fibers my microfiber towels can leave behind.

I think part of the problem was I’d read so many great things about huck towels that I had envisioned them streamlining my glass cleaning and making it a painless process, and the reality is there’s just no shortcuts with glass. I will however look into getting a scrim towel to try out at some point.

Also, if you were going to clean windows on the inside of a car what would be your choice of cleaner? I never knew professional window cleaners used Dawn dish soap until I started looking into videos of it, and I had never even thought of using Dawn on windows. I might try filling a spray bottle with water and adding drops of dawn and see how that works in place of what I use now.


I generally use a small squeegee that will ride in the curve without bowing, then I would use a pure water mist and buff out.

As for the cleaning solution is will generally have a dishwashing detergent in it.


I like SprayWay for cleaning the interior glass on my vehicles.

I spray a window or three with the sprayway, then using two hucks, one in each hand, I’ll scrub with one and wipe up the haze with the other. They come out perfect.


If they’re new hucks wash/dry them a few more times. Don’t use fabric softener or fabric sheets.

Then use a good quality spray. I like invisible glass or sprayway.


I use the same solution for car/truck windows I use for cleaning house windows. GG4…

I also use a Libman shower squeegee and hucks to get the edges. No way I’d use towels to clean the windows. That’s like using paper towels to clean windows. Why?!


Scrim will not leave lint. Also works best after many washings.


I believe you need to better research your cleaning solution rather than the rag.

I’d 2nd glass gleam


I’d love to see a video of you (or someone) cleaning the interior of a windshield/rear window in a sedan this way. I just can’t picture in my head how to do it without making a mess. Not that I’m saying you couldn’t, I guess I’m just not a squeegee scientist so I imagine I’d get drips on interior plastics I’ve already cleaned/dressed.

I tried this method with some various cleaners I have around the house. Various rinseless wash products I have to clean my car, as well as a couple OTC window cleaners (windex being one) and each time I’m greeted with pretty substantial streaking. It’s actually amazing the level of streaking being left behind. I can even see the pattern of the weave on the huck towels in the streaking.

I really hope if I keep washing them that they’ll become reliable, because the way they glide over glass is like silk. It’s amazing.

They’re new, and allegedly washed before they were shipped. I believe it since they’re producing basically no lint (I think brand new ones do this until you wash them enough times?) There’s no telling what they used on them, I guess. I’ve washed them 3 times so far, but I suppose I can keep washing them.

Hah, if you want your mind blown look up some car detailing videos on glass. The industry almost exclusively uses towels on windows. Comparing the methods of car detailers to window cleaners, the car detailing towel method seems very barbaric and primitive in comparison to the gracefulness of a squeegee!

It’s funny, my windows have no streaking problems on the outside of them using towels. I pretty much exclusively use a rinseless wash method to clean my car. presoaking my car with said solution, then using a saturated microfiber towel as my wash media to lift dirt off. On the outside, using the plush side of the towel as my wash media, and then wringing the towel out and flipping it to the low pile side to do an “initial dry” followed by a waffle weave to finish drying produces streak free glass everytime.

It’s the interior that always gives me trouble. I will look into GG4 though, since it’s only like 25 bucks or whatever for a quart.

I’m inclined to agree. GG4 seems like it might be something I’m interested in trying. I love concentrates, and if it’s good enough for professional window cleaners I imagine it’s gotta be good stuff. Right?

Then again, I guess if what I’m dealing with is some type of greasy residue on the interior of the windows (not unreasonable to think) giving them an initial scrub with Dawn could potentially go a long way in making my life a lot easier.


When cleaning a surface with a rag you are usually never removing a 100% of the Cleaning solution. This causes the

Using something like glass gleam it’s designed differently than dish soap, remove majority of the cleaner in less passes equals better results.

This is why window cleaners use squeegees primarily.


is this a personal vehicle or are you cleaning cars as a business ?

are you using same water you use on outside as the inside mixture?

is the inside oily from smoking or vaping

ive just never had an issue with streaking while cleaning inside my car windows unless i missed something in the cleaning process.


Makes sense.

I detail cars part time nowadays. Started as a way to justify spending more money on a hobby, and kind of evolved into a tiny little side business.

So it’s a mixture of both personal and client vehicles I’m cleaning. But the streaking problem seems to be fairly universal across them all.

I don’t use the same solution I use to clean the car with, I usually have the cleaner mixed separately in a gallon of distilled water, and I just fill a spray bottle with that.

My usual cleaning process for a window I haven’t ever touched usually looks like this:

-mist the window with cleaner then agitate the cleaner using a melamine sponge (this works surprisingly well at breaking through oily films ime though it does have it’s limitations)
-mop that cleaner up with a “throw away” microfiber towel to remove the bulk of whatever got dislodged/loosened.
-mist window again and hit the edges with a new microfiber towel, then wipe the entire window down
-go over window with a waffle weave towel to ensure glass is clean/dry/ideally streak free

It’s worth noting that for my initial clean of the window with the melamine sponge, I only use one side of my towel (folded in 4ths) per window. WIndshield and rear window I consider two windows. In my mind this will stop me from reintroducing contamination back onto the window.

If you think I can go about it in a better way, or if simply substituting the solution I use with something like GG4 may make my life easier, I’m all ears. I’d love to be able to introduce huck towels into this process, and possibly use them as my exclusive window cleaning towels.


on my corvette i just used a rag saturated with pure water from my rodi cart scrubbed windows with and simply dried with huck and had no problems. unless i got conditioner on the glass.

maybe use your contioners after glass cleaning


You may do this already but being aware of what rags where used for can help reduce similar issues.

If you have oil or wax residue on a rag a simple run thru a wash machine will like still carry the substance which can contaminate the new use.

Dont mix use of rags in that type of business.


It’s wild to me that you get streak free drying with a huck towel. Even if I follow up my microfiber towel with a huck to dry, it’s incredibly streaky. I’m gonna wash them a few more times and see if that helps. Idk what could be in them that would make them streak, but i guess you never know.

Also, I do dress interior plastics last.

Yep. I keep glass towels segregated from all of my other towels.


user error lol


It’s not conventional but at home and on my personal vehicle’s glass I use a mixture of 1/2 water & 1/2 vinegar and a dash of dawn soap. I have used hucks and this mixture and the glass comes out great! Lack of direct sun helps too


I think the alcohol based foaming spray cleaners like SprayWay and Invisible Glass have a better chance of not leaving residue on the glass.

Try soaking your hucks in white vinegar before washing. It might remove some type of residue still left in the fabric.

I also prefer hucks with a tighter, thicker weave, like these:

Overall, it sounds like your process is very thorough and detailed. I’m surprised you’re still having this issue. Although, car detailing is probably the only industry with more perfectionists than window cleaning, lol. Maybe my vehicle glass ain’t as clean as I think it is :smirk:

Oh, one other thought: you segregate your magic erasers (melamine sponge) as well, right? ‘Cause those will pickup all sorts of nasty residuey stuff.


I can understand not wanting to use a squeegee on auto interior windows, the effort to control drips at the angle of windshields and back windows isn’t an efficient method.
Sprayway foam cleaner with a couple of microfiber or huck towels should do the trick.
Windex does have a tendency to streak because the liquid is sprayed on in liquid form and you towel wipe it wet - which is what most likely is causing streaking.
Foam cleaner has the cleaning power without dripping and streaking; fold the towel in fourths and wipe in circular motions, flipping to a dry side as needed after initially scrubbing the foam cleaner around the portion of glass you’re working on.