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Hi guys,

I am about to start my own Window cleaning business and I listen to the WCR Nation podcasts which led me to here,I look forward to getting some good advice and getting to know people.A little about me is I’m currently working as a qualified glazier and have been for nearly 25 yrs now so know a little about glass,I need to get away from all the heavy lifting in my industry,I still have a passion for glass so window cleaning will still keep me in the trade so to speak,I am a perfectionist so should enjoy window cleaning.

I wanted to start this about a year ago and bought some squeegies and mops etc but then thought I couldn’t do it as I have a family to support and can’t just quit my job but I started just cleaning windows properly that I was fixing,I already have the technique down and I’m good at it and so many customers start saying can I do all of their windows etc,I started to realize that there was so many opportunities to get business…I didn’t though as to me it is unproffessional to solicit work whilst working my normal job but it did give me motivation to run my own business,I am going to run it outside of my glazing day job untill I can get enough work to quit my day job and run full time,there will be a few hard times making sure I can get more or enough work to earn what I earn at the moment but you have to do it to succeed I guess,no one is going to give it to me.

At first I will start out doing glass restoration and residential/commercial window cleaning and then start adding other stuff like silicone replacement in showers,tile/grout cleaning etc but ill try to specialize in the window cleaning/restoration first


Welcome to the forum Glenn.


Hello Glenn and welcome to the forum!


G’day Glenn, Welcome to the forum, I’m in Hervey bay QLD, where are you?


Glenn. Welcome. There’s a guy in Canada doing the same thing. Perhaps he’ll find this and chime in…can’t think of his handle right now. I am new also. :sunglasses: Edit: Okay Glenn, I found the guy in Canada. Maybe you two can correspond somehow:


Welcome Glenn. :face_with_monocle:
There is a lot to learn from your experience with glass, so I am looking forward to your posts.


Hey mate im on the sunshine coast


Thanks for the welcome guys,any questions about glass Ill try to answer.


M8 I would target out of hours situations. What I mean is, companies or places that prefer window cleaning out of daylight or office or trade hours.
For example , you can not clean windows at a restaurant during the hours of 5-7 pm, that’s ridiculous
Or, a busy foyer is hard to do when there is lots of foot traffic.
There are plenty of jobs that prefer cleaning at night.
What you need to do is provide the light, literally for doing the outside.
Go to Total Tools and get a Milwaukee light stand and battery pack… Then you can say that the night time does not reduce your ability to clean outside glass.