How you can make help make a difference with tempered glass - for maybe $10


I do this ongoing PR project to try and get the glass industry talking about how to solve fabricating debris problems on tempered glass. It involves going to GPD, the world’s leading glass conference in Finland this summer, getting a paper published on solving tempered glass scratch problems, and working to influence glass tempering experts.

I’m trying to raise funds for travel and expenses, and asking for your help. (Again.)

Why? [B]Because if you help make this happen you help influence the quality of tempered glass[/B].
The target audience at GPD is tempering experts - who teach the world how to solve tempering problems.
The goal is more experts offering more technical info, training, etc., specific to the glass fines/scratch issue.
And we are having success - as a direct result of these GPD efforts.
(I can explain, if anyone asks.)

I work at this throughout the year, and spend a lot of time on it.
I can afford a ton of time, but I need help with the trip - the travel, conference fees, etc.
(It’s about $4,100.)

So I set up a Mauer to GPD GoFundMe page.
No groaning - Chris Lambrinides gave me the idea.
It’s an easy way for people to make small donations - or big ones.
Any size donation gets your name on the poster at GPD - so they can see broad support from the window cleaning industry.
(One guy gave a dollar last time - no problem.)

It’s got a nice summary that explains in more detail.
You can check fundraising progress.
And it’s kinda social - you can like, share on Facebook and Twitter. (Please do like and share - that helps, too.)

Any questions?


Don’t be thinking this is a pointless effort - We HAVE had success already.

Thousands of glass people have downloaded the “The Glass Tempering Handbook” that was published in February by one of the world’s most highly regarded tempering experts, Jon Barr.
He wrote the handbook to help fabricators solve problems.
At one point Barr teaches simple ways to clean furnace rollers, and says keeping rollers clean is important because of scratch problems during window cleaning. .
I met Jon Barr at GPD, we talked there, and he read my GPD papers.
That line in the handbook absolutely only happened because window cleaners supported taking this message to Finland.

The first efforts with GPD were mostly about sticking up for window cleaners.
There’s a mission now – to get tempering experts telling fabricators how to beat a glass fines issue
(Articles - not just a paragraph in a book.)

That’s probably a better reason to support a PR campaign than I’ve ever offered.

Does that help?
Can you help?


I just donated what I could. I’ll try to kick in a few buck again soon. Hope you have a successful trip Gary.


Thanks Steve. I appreciate the help.


Up to 46% of goal, so far.

Assuming you’re interested - and I think you are, because you clicked on this - it’s important to head over there and contribute.

People who weren’t interested enough to read this thread or the GoFundMe page are not the ones who are going to make it happen.

And it won’t be people who like the idea and choose to hope someone else kicks in.

It will be you and everyone who actually heads over there and does it.

Any amount - seriously - and I’ll make sure you get credit for helping.

Please and thank you!


When do you need the money by?


Thanks for asking.
About 3/4 of it is needed really soon - the next week or so - for airfare and registration fees.

The last few 1/4 or so will be needed in mid-June.
Some printing and other expenses before I head over there, and then hotel and such when I’m there.


I heard about you from and older window cleaner in my area. He talks good about you. I hope you get that fundage up to make the trip. So in a week you need what? 3 g’s?


About $3200.
Depends a little on the exchange rate.


$24 gets the GoFundMe campaign to 50%.
It would be OK if you blow past 50% with a $100 donation - gotta sprinkle a few big ones in there, too.

You can contribute anonymously if you like.
Two of the 21 contributors have donated anonymously - I get to see their name anyway, but if they don’t want it known, that’s fine.
(I will ask before putting their name on the poster.)

But you can go to the site, scroll through the names and see who’s not been shy. You’ll be in good company if you help.

Also - if you decide later that you want to donate and you don’t happen to have the link handy, just go to and search for Mauer.


[MENTION=14804]Gary Mauer[/MENTION] Is there a way to contribute without going through GoFundMe so you don’t lose their cut of the $$? I think I read it somewhere but I don’t have time to search for it now.


Thanks for asking, Tony. (And thanks for helping out in the past.)
The alternative options are buried near the end of the GoFundMe page.

Any amount offline by sending a check to
Gary Mauer
Box 533
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

At the Window Cleaning Network Store, in $25 or $100 increments.


Got it - thanks, Tony.
24 contributions, at 57% so far - thanks everyone.