How would you tackle these?


Have to figure out how to wash these. The sills are driving me crazy and there’s a big support beam in the way. What would you do?


A ladder


Haha! Thank you @cade :wink: I am new to using ladders, I don’t have one that high so I’ll have to rent or buy one, but I also can’t transport one (unless there is one that can shrink down to fit in my Kia Soul) but you don’t set the ladder on the glass, so do you have to get some kind of bumper bar? And that bar across the middle means I have to put the base of the ladder gather away from the windows, which increases the chances of the ladder slipping on the carpet and tile floors. So yes, maybe a ladder is my best (or even only option) but I also really really hate ladders… So I need advice on the best way to use a ladder in this situation.


Sounds like you need some hands on help. Maybe see if you can hire a friend in the industry to help you with the project.


Why not just get a ledger tool that they sell in many different sizes. They sell them from wonderful WCR here. They work good for deep ledges.


The ladder is your best option.

If you’re not comfortable with a ladder possibly a lift would have been an idea to add in to your bid at the beginning but is overkill for a job that size.

Polling is not practical at 20’ specially when you have to wipe wide frames and sills. If there’s a second floor or balcony behind these which is common that over looks down on to these your wanna make sure the frames are clean, especially the bottom sill.


Why not just leave the sills wet and it will collect the dust and pollen built up in there to help with allergies and dust bunnies. :thinking: But when up so high the water don’t matter as long as you are not using tons of water, the lower you go you can use a ladder to clean the bottom 3 or sections, maybe up to the beam with a 12’ A-frame ladder possibly.


Looks like a 24’ ladder will get those easily. Get foam booties/mittens for the tops of the ladder rails and rest them on the grids.


This is where videos only go so far…
Most videos are of store front easy work.
If you don’t like ladders maybe you got into the wrong line of work.
This type of pole work is VERY difficult, especially if you have no pole work experience.
Unless you can talk the customer into a lift( which will be unlikely as there are probably 10 guys in your area who would not need one) then a ladder is your only option, and for safety someone footing the ladder too.


Thank you all for the help, looked into getting a ladder today, found one for 170 that is rated for 200 pounds (I’m under that) I don’t mind climbing up and down ladders to get onto a roof, but I guess going up a 24’ just scares me more because of the hight. If I have a spotter I should be good to go though. :slight_smile: Thanks guys!


I did a job similar to this not that long ago and I used my sectional ladders wth the top V groove. I could’ve rented a scissor lift but it would’ve been a hassle getting it through the door.


To fit through a commercial door that is 36" standard size. a 32" scissors lift can be used. We can get the 32" scissors up to 32’ here.


Where did you get this ladder? Thanks.


We would be laddering these to get the best result ( includes wiping ledges which will be very dusty ).
They are too high with deep ledges to get a good, quality result using a pole. Ledgers are ok for two story stuff and windows that don’t have deep ledge design like these. You are going to have to learn how to use ladders safely. Find a friend who knows how to safely use extension ladders and practice
( away from job ) in a neutral area. Get comfortable - feel safe- and do your thing.

Good Luck - BE SAFE !!


Easy ladder job. Use ladder mits and rest the ladder on the bottom frame of the top pane. And do the top two windows then do the same on the next two rows of windows until you reach low enough to where you can pole the Catholic ndows with a ledger.

If there is no balcony or windows overlooking the sills you could get away with using a pole with a ledger every now and then in a pinch as long as you are laddering it regularly to wipe the frames and keep the dust down to a minimum. That said for best results a ladder is the tool for the job.

Once you get below the beam you can use a pole with a ledger easily. You can use the ledger with a towlel on it to wipe the frames good. It may take a little practice but worth getting it down as it would shave time off of this job and other similar jobs.


Windows 101.


I have a dealshio like this.
I use a ledger for the top windows , then where that Beam is your going to have to ladder them. No way any one is paying for a lift.
Dusting where you use a ledger or anywhere , are they going to pay you for that ? That would be a hefty price !!!

Note : Depends on how deep the ledgers at yours. At nine I coukd use a ledger I’ve seen some whrrr the ledgers are to deep.

Where that beam is it’s prob 2 1/2- 3 piece ladder work


Here’s where I’m at. I know I can safely use a ladder, I work in the pool area at this wellness center and was looking at those windows and how tough they’d be too wash, but the ones in the picture I uploaded to here the windows are actually not quite as high and the big support beam is lower than in the pool area, so that is basically a non issue as far as placing the ladder. But I have a question. I found a ladder I think will work and can for in my car, but it’s $200. I can rent a scissor lift for that much. Could I not tell the customer that I would have to charge a lot more to use a ladder because it’s way more dangerous and harder work, or I can use a scissor lift, charge a bit less, but they still cover the cost of the lift? Because for me, I’m going to have to invest $200 in that ladder, so I’m out the same amount whether I use the lift or the ladder. Except for the fact I get to keep the ladder if I buy it. Definitely can’t pole the highest ones from the ground, the ledges are way too deep and I’ve also never used a ledger before, so I know nose to glass is the way to go.


Best is to buy the ladder. You will be buying multiple ladders as your business grows, might as well start buying them now.


If i read that right its in a POOL area ? Why not just WFP ( Did just type that lol) We did a YMCA with upper side skylights and no safe way to ladder up - So we told them we can get it done but we have to be in either before they open or after they close. We settled on after as the area would have enough time to dry up over night. ( We did use a floor squeegee to push the water to the drain area)

For the other ones we just ladder up and get it done. BUY the ladder cause you will face another job down the line you will need it again.