How would you clean this door?


I’m not sure if it’s a film that they put on the door to protect the glass when staining it or if it was just like that but parts of it are bubbling or clumping up.

I am worried the glass underneath might be damaged? Would good off work on something like this?

I am thinking to scrape & use steel wool to remove it all and then mop & squeegee?


As long as it has not been on there a ridiculous amount of time it is not very bad usually. Most I have run into have to have a razor run around the edge where the glass meets the wood. Then carefully start the plastic with a razor and then peel it by hand. You may have to use steel wool a little, but generally brush the loose stuff off and clean like normal after the above procedure.


This stuff was on the door for 20 years or more. I razored and steel wool we it.