How Would You Bid This Window Cleaning Job?



monthly $105

$40 ( hard to get a sense of the size, if they are over sized panes, double it)
monthly $30

monthly $45


will you freaken stay still man good god!
You better look out for those dang power lines homie.

I really can’t get a sense for how close those lines are. I’d probably walk on that one.


I don’t think the power lines would be an issue.
Sorry for the shakiness.


Ahhh, okay. Sorry about that, it looked like they were really close to the building is all.

From the last post I’m guessing you needed to break it down for them…personally I’d be around 550 for the exterior and if they wanted it broken down I’d figure out how to do that with the 550 but thats exteriors only right?

Thats at least 2.5 to 4 hours of labor right?


Yeah that sounds right. I thought maybe 3. Pole work on the back and ladder up front climb up roof.

Working before the sun was strong would be key.


I’m with you on that, thats the way I would have thought about doing it as well. It looked like you were there maybe mid morning right? The sun was already on the front of the building, I’d start on the back and give those mullions some drip time…by the time I was done with that the sun should be at least at high noon and the fronts on top done by hand, wfp on the front bottoms, touch up where needed with either squeegee or spray away on a pole…

easy cheesy.