How to Track Repeats?


What systems do you guys use when working with repeats? Do you use contracts? If not, do you call repeat customers to set up appointments for each job or tell them in advance that you’ll be there? We are really struggling with implementing a solid system for repeats, and have found that many people who say they want us to call in however many months will end up delaying it even more when we do call to set up the appointment. I know we’re leaving money on the table due to our inefficiency with repeats, so does anybody have any tips or advice? Thank you!


Same topic a few days ago.


I use Customer Factor for tracking all my customers. I do not use contracts. I usually send postcards to customers as reminder they were last cleaned 6 months or a year ago. They call or they don’t. They know that if they don’t call soon they will wait many weeks. If they aren’t ready they usually don’t call. I will only take 2 delays before I stop calling them.


I believe the key for me is the same as @Matthew stated, they know if they dont schedule early they will have to wait for the next opening.

Also be sure they know that by scheduling early they are not commited, some may feel they are locked in.