How to stop your solution freezing!



-7C? What is that in American? Like 20F? That’s sweater weather!

Just kidding man, good video.

My procedure is to fill your squirt bottle with washer fluid. Bucket full of hot water. Wet the mop, add some soap, then squeeze it out and then rewet as you go with the washer fluid. Then back to the bucket to defrost the mop as needed.

I used to add washer fluid directly into the bucket, but it’s pretty wasteful and you won’t know until you’re on the glass that you didn’t add enough fluid and that sucks. Adding it to the squirt bottle is way more efficient.

Oh, and learn to squeegee FAST!


I used a whole jug of washer fluid the other day in my water(bucket not even half full) and it was freezing!!! Well not a lot but new method time…


What was the temp ? One Gallon of WWF with 3 gallons of water will not freeze in 20 degree weather. As long as there is heat hitting the windows.

As it gets colder just use less water per mix. 50/50 in the teens is good starting place

BTW I carry the bucket :sunglasses:


Isopropyl Alcohol has been my go to. Strong smell but magical. That and not doing windows because it is too damn cold for me. I like cleaning windows but not in single digits with windchills well below -15.


If the job is big then yeah you need the bucket but for jobs that take like 20 mins or less it’s easier to take a bottle :slight_smile:


must of been rubbish screen wash then. Get good stuff that goes well below minus and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


Just use a bigger squirt bottle. :slight_smile:


Another tip is to keep your solution in a 5 gallon round cooler instead of a bucket. When you have want water it will stay warm. This only works if you use a squeeze bottle though and that way the lid stays on most of the time. Also I usually fill a 10 gallon round water cooler with hot water at the start of the day and keep it in the truck. Then when I refill my bucket I add some hot water to the cold and have a want solution. The water stays hot flashes r some time in the cooler and by the afternoon the water is just warm so I mostly use the water in the cooler.


That’s the way I usually work , but when winter comes I just abandon the squeeze bottle for some reason only use it for insides. I keep a mix with no WWF for the squeeze bottles.
Ya have gloves on An everything gets harder to handle. I barley use my scrim when the weather gets to the 20s An you need gloves. Start with a new rubber , An I’d like to think I’m pritty good at what I do , been doing it long enough , so detailing is minimum anyway . Leaving a little 1/16" little line on the edge is not a big deal once in a while on route work. JMO. Especially when the weather is in the teens or 20s.


I used to think that way to, now I use a squirt bottle year round, it makes life way easier!


Same here.


-13 with windchills in the -20’s

It was my first time out in this cold. I’ll buy better stuff too and squeegee faster. Maybe add some methyl


Check this thread.


:scream::joy:Ya … I never worked Iin That kind of weather. You might have to look into Methonal or , alcohol

Straight WWF might not even work !!


One thin I’ll tell ya being new don’t try to play the perfect game In that kind of weather.
If someone complains find a new customer.


This solution will have you covered all way down to about -29 to -31

The smell is very strong so you’ll want to change out your sleeve or Fliq pad before doing interior windows.


Thank you Steve and others :slight_smile:


Anything to help another cold weather window cleaner make there life a little easier, Mike!


I use about the same ratio that swc is using. I works great in my wfp. I use refined methanol.