How to professionally drop store front clients


Well, with spring here, I’m getting all sorts of residential work. I started my business this past winter we just had, and I went around in the freezing cold and ended up starting a business washing small storefronts and restaurants, ranging mostly $10-$40 a store. I underbidded most of these places as I was just desperate to get accounts. But now I need to either A) tell these people I need to raise the prices as it is no longer worth my time or B) drop the accounts completely but not come off like a unreliable business man. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated thank you


Do you actually have the time, but let the success of peak season resi-work get into your head? Reason I ask is, depending on the seasonal nature in certain areas, you may find yourself needing weekly route type work again when the peak in your area is over. It would be hard to walk back into some of these places and say “Hey, I need you again”.


Seems pretty early to be dropping accounts


Yeah I agree with Davis. I wouldn’t be dropping them. Depending on where you’re located your season work could be … seasonal. Storefronts make a lot of difference during the cold months. I def would not drop them, you never know what could happen.


That steady income comes in handy :+1::+1:


ive preprinted letters that i carry in my van, together with envelopes and stamps. all ready to launch if im ready to cancel somebody for whatever reason .

"due to changes in my business insurance i can no longer clean your windows at … many thanks for your custom, regards .

this makes it really final. if im ever accosted on the street later i just wring my hands and say its a blooming nuisance but i have to do what they ask. i hope you understand…


This is a great reminder to charge what you need to charge in order to live with yourself.


I would keep those storefront accounts. That $20 or $30 account can come in handy if residential slows down. I kept my 2 storefront accounts 10 years and then I felt comfortable letting them go. I always looked at it as gas money. I looked forward to that money each month. Now I only do residential window cleaning.


Aren’t we all a-holes? Why bother to offer the advice?


Depending on what time of year, yes. Yes indeed…


I think you might always be an asshole… Just kidding


Takes one, to know one. :wink:


According to my ex-wife, I am an asshole. Also, she says her second ex-husband is an asshole. I bet her current boyfriend will turn out to be an asshole as well. I told her she was the common denominator, and this prompted her to call me asshole. That’s all I have to say about the subject, as it is not window cleaning-related.

Edit: I may have over-shared a wee bit.


Do you need the space on your calendar?

Being new, can you hold out and build other accounts at a more worthy rate?

If so, then come first of the year announce that you have a price change. If they balk there is no shame in being honest…Tell them something along the line of…“When I started your windows I was new to the business and soon found I priced you too cheaply to be a viable business.” They understand because they set their prices in order to stay in business too.

You don’t want to race to the bottom of the scale. Hopefully you learn enough in the coming several months to confidently set your prices correctly for your needs.

Meanwhile, learn to be the baddest window cleaner on the Planet! Then charge as such. :wink:


I was just kidding. If it really offended you then don’t help me out! I learned my lesson. Can’t joke around like that, you won’t see me calling anyone an asshole- my bad chief


Awesome advice man, thank you very much I appreciate it.


Being called an asshole didn’t offend me, I’ve been called much worse by more relevant people in my life.

I took the time and gave my own input to whatever post you got butt hurt on about my responses.


Where are you located? Find someone to take them over and setup a new business owner.


Yeah i would but there’s only 1 other legitimate window cleaner in the area. The other guys are bucket bobs who don’t even have fb pages. And me and the 1 other legit guy have some serious beef. My very first time looking for work I got 3 accounts in a strip mall. And all 3 were his accounts. And he showed up when I was there and tried to scare me away, told the stores that I was uninsured and actually got mad with them. They told him to get lost and I actually ended up getting the entire strip mall after that. Haha it makes for a good story on “my first time washing windows”


That sounds funny… " who don’t even have fb" LOL

Like facebook is a game changer or something.