How to make two great trad poles from a wfp



We used to have a friend who invented a bunch of stuff in the natural gas fields on northern new mexico. Just a little Mexican welder who happened to be crazy stupid rich. He once hauled sheep in his brand new Cadillac Coup Deville… Using a wfp as a traditional sort of reminds me of that for some reason.

Oh, I’ve done it when I needed to, but just reminds me of hauling sheep in a car.

Unger makes an adapter for wfp which will allow you to click on their cone which would allow you to use the tip for the mop and squeegee.

But still, good video and I like the Jeremy Clarkson intro. Do more of those!


Lol i have no idea what your meaning about sheep hauling haha but yeah i know Unger do an adaptor but i didn’t have one and the squeegee stays on the pole all the time anyway. Thanks I’m gonna add a bit of humour to the videos


Just because you CAN do it, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it. Sure, 3 sheep CAN fit in the backseat of a Caddy… but they really shouldn’t ride there.

I’ve used a WFP as a traditional pole before, but it felt wrong. And if I had to haul sheep in the car… they’ll be quartered and wrapped in butcher paper. But then again, I’m not from Gallup New Mexico either.


why did it feel wrong? The clamps are better and the pole is lighter & more rigid than traditional poles of the same size.


Good video @Trad-Man

I use a modified Wfp pole for trad work for my taller route work windows.


Yeah wfp’s make great trad poles :slight_smile: