How to land Commercial Accounts better?


So I dont have a big problem landing storefronts to often ( you still get alot of NO’s), and residential I can close most of the time (just trying to drive more calls in), But my BIG questions is when it comes to commercial accounts( like hotels, or corporations) how do you get those? What is the quickest way…i email the people in charge…they never email back, or i will call them directly ( because most of them are based out of a different state), they never want to talk or i leave them a message and never get a word back. What am i doing wrong here? Is there a trick to this? Am going about this wrong? Its like I am hitting a brick wall in this market…HELP


Many if not most commercial buildings and alike contract out the cleaning of the building to a janitorial company, most times the contract includes the windows, so if you want to get in on them you need to sub contract thru the janitorial company. Since most large janitorial companies wont do windows due to worker turnover and the time required in training to be able to quickly clean windows well.


Also, I hate to say it but it truely is a numbers game. The more you contact the more chances you have of landing one. With big stuff all you need is a few.

Ya really gotta nail down your pitch too.

You only have one chance to make it so do it right the first time. Try to get the person on the other line taking about something they’re interested in. Get them into a happy state of mind and if you can get them saying yes it’s a plus.


1+ pretty much nailed it