How to get your squeegees to fit in the BOAB better



Yeah, super weird moerman didn’t design their bucket around their tools. It would be super cheap to modify the existing mold.

Oh, the Samurai doesn’t have this problem. Coming soon. Tell your friends.


who’s the samurai???


My new bucket coming soon. Seriously tell your friends, the mold is going to cost us a ton to make.


is a ton of money $2000? or is it a metric ton of money at $2204.62


Edit: check your email.


Umm, by that measure, let’s just say many tons.


The tyres on my brand new car keep rubbing on the wheel arches. What should I do?


Obviously you need a new car.


Take the hacksaw and cut your arches lol


2000 lbs of $1 bills


If you’re a cholo: First, check the connections to your batteries because your hydraulics won’t expand when your batteries are dead. Second, check your lines, you might have a leak. Third, check your switches, might have a faulty connection. Fourth, see how many homies you have ridin with you, you just can’t carry the whole posse.

If you’re not a cholo, then you probably bought a dodge.


So from the answers so far I either
a) Cut the wheel arches
b) Its my fault, live with it
c) Personally design and fund the production of a new BOAB

As John McEnroe once said “You cannot be serious”


My screen washer has done good. My bucket is unique enough that it qualifies for a utility patent. So… I’m going to go with C. Scary as hell but I think guys will like it. I think @Luke’s wife Reanna is just excited to have fun colors.


Just supply a free hacksaw or make it big enough for all squeegees and handles. i.e. 18" deep bucket for long channels and big cutaways for Ninja handles.

Sorry about the UK humour. Trad Man got it in one though.


No problems dude. It’s all good. I’ve tested the samurai with a 30 ninja no problems. Designed for an 18 or 22 mop.



The universal belted bucket


Mines not universal… It’s only for widow cleaners who are awesome or want to be awesome.



Oh. Yeah it’s not going to be that much.