How to get NEW customers- LIVE CHAT



Very fun! I didn’t mean to product bomb but I really wanted to know about the sparkles!


Its cool were excited about the boab!


Nice new format both!

If Trad-Man has transformed however from interesting general reviewer of all brands into a ‘Moerman’ only then surely Trad-Girl is a ‘Moermaid’


Haha :grin::joy::rofl:


To be brutally honest I didn’t get to see any of the title, I understand you do these live streams, but a video that I watched I doubt was part of that live stream. I gave it about 6-7 mins and in that time all I saw was hellos and lets wait for more type thing, I don’t have an hour to watch a window cleaning video, I was actually interested in what you had to say about gaining new customers as I’m sure it would be a little different here, and those different insights from other parts or the world often open your eyes to things I may not have thought of.
I would be interested in seeing an edited version with the other stuff cut out, not trying to be rude or what ever its just our internet down here isn’t great so trying to skip ahead on a HD vid takes ages to buffer. hell its takes me about 2 hours to upload a 6 min 720 vid to you tube and I have the upgraded NBN.