How to get My Employees to be on Time


I have 4 full-time Technicians. Each of them works out of a company vehicle solo. They take the vehicles home at night. I have a GPS tracking device in every vehicle, so I always know where the vehicle is.

Well, I have not been able to figure out how to get my employees to get to their first appointment on time. I would say they are usually on time, but there are still way too many times when they are leaving home too late, and end up getting to their first appointment 15-30 minutes late.

So, you guys with employees, have you ever come up with a good idea to motivate them to be on time?

I have a bonus system where they receive so much extra on their paycheck for good reviews, but they lose it all if they are late. However, that has not fixed the system. Any ideas?


Is it just a late start or late for appointment with customer who got there on time and had to wait.

Sounds like your guys are doing storefronts, correct?


Keep the trucks at the office and put in a time clock. ENFORCE a new Company rule - You show up late go home and give the extra O.T. to the responsible workers who come to work ready to work on time. Its simple for them to understand when they don’t show up on time it will in the long run hurt the business.

ADDED: Its not your job to motivate a person to come to work. Responsible people know Work starts at a set time and they are to be ready before that time.


Your employees will treat you the way you allow them to.

You are the boss, you set the rules and the tone. As Rob suggested, I’d no longer allow them to take trucks home. If they are late, they get pointed for it. After X points, they can look for a new job. It’s certainly NOT an unusual expectation, it’s standard.


Fire the worst offender. Set the tone and they won’t be late.


You’re being nice, the employees probably realized what they can get away with.

Having emoyees ou likely have a company policy manual that states policy. Refer to that policy whatever it is strictly go by it.

Our attendance policy is basic, 3 chances being late in one month you’re terminated. 1st violation verbal warning, 2nd violaton written up stating 3rd would be termination.

Should always havr policies in place so everyone knows what expectation’s are.


No, they are doing mostly residential jobs.




Yes, most of the time. If it is a big job, we may send 2 of them out. They drive a company truck parked at their home, and meet at the job site.


You know what works for you but seems like a waste to have 4 solo trucks out working.

Ever try crews of 2?


If all else fails, tell them their appointments are 15-30 minutes earlier than they actually are


I agree with all of the above re: written earnings followed by firings. Chronic tardiness is an indicator of bad attitude.


Hunger games. 4 in. 3 out.


Give the customer a time “window” of say between 8-9am. Or lower, 8-8:30 am. BUT, tell the employee to be there for 8.

This way customers aren’t expecting you at an exact time but within tolerance.

The two companies I have worked for, for the last 10 years used to give times but now they give the window. Just like your cable provider would. Between 8-5 LOL. Just don’t go that high. Haha friggen cable guys.

One option different than the above responses, which are great of course.


Yes I have, but I found that we can get more work done by going solo, than by going out by 2’s


@Masters_WC this ^^^.

I have no tolerance for people being late to job sites. The customers time is as precious as ours.


I agree with you that 2 people does not equal cutting the time in half. But I know your frustration, trust me. Employees being late has driven me crazy over the years. We are mostly Routes and Commercial now ( sold the residential ) but I have told chronic late employees before that I would continue to move the start time earlier and earlier until they made it on time
( notice I did not say make it later and later ).

" Ok Bubba - you don’t like the 9am start time, lets try 830am ". He cant make 830am make it 730am and so on. He will either heed the warning and get with the program or essentially fire himself.


Plain An simple like someone said. Your letting them get away with it. If you give an inch they will take a yard. Trust me if the guys gave me an inch I took it An then some.
You need to lay down the law why let them take the trucks home. If you have that many trucks then you have an office yes. So meet at the office every morning be here by 6:30-7:00. 7:00-7:30 8:00-8:30. Whatever. Always give a half hour Lee way. Shit does happen.
If they can’t get there on time then time to find new guys. All jobs require being on time.


Unfortunately being on time is not a skill everyone has. But it is a skill. Just like using a squeegee, no one is born with that skill.

Agree with everyone here; make it clear there are consequences to being late. Figure out WHY they are late, don’t be afraid to ask. Maybe their spouse works night shift and wakes them up when he/she comes home at 4:00am, maybe they take a 1-hour long shower in the morning, whatever. Figure out WHY and try to help them develop the skill of being on time. If they cannot develop that skill, fire them… same as if they couldn’t squeegee a window after 2-months… maybe it’s not the job for them.


Ya I have to respectfully disagree with ya here. It’s not the bosses problem to teach someone to be on time. There grown men they jace to figure it out.

That’s one thing no employer should put up with constant lateness An not showing up.

We have alll been through these guys. Fire them find new. Your running a busisnes not a kindergarten class.
Ya one time here An there , but excessive naaaaa your Dione. Nobody puts up with that, or should.