How to expand!


Hi so I started this business last year when I needed some extra money. So I Cater to Real estate agents mostly. I’m finding that I’m just not getting enough business. I want to be able to be out there every day doing a job but it’s not even close to that I’ll maybe get a job a week sometimes even less. What are some of the thinks you do to get called on to get bids? I need help!!! I do have 2 agents that give me repeat work but not enough to live off of. This is just one of the houses that I have done! Took me 8hrs and had one employee at $20hr I got a check for $840!


What is it that you do now to get yourself known to the public?

Is it only soliciting realtors?


I have a part time job that works with the agents. And when I talk to them I hand them my card. I’m currently putting business cards on people’s doors.


Beautiful house. Clean windows!

Start advertising; post cards, kijiji and what ever else. Build a website(if you do not have one), leave cards at different businesses, add other services. Good luck!


One inexpensive way to expand: Do lots of networking with other facility service contractors.

Realtors that have enough motivation to secure window cleaning probably also have a short list of other contractors that assist with making homes saleable: landscapers, painters, handymen, etc. Make efforts to connect with these other contractors and ask them for cards (not just one card, asking for 5-6 cards shows them that you are serious about getting referrals for them). They will probably reciprocate.

Two days ago I got a referral that led to a $700 resi job from a handyman with whom I had a brief conversation a year ago while I was doing some vacation cabins. The painter next door whom I have given referrals to asked for my cards last week. The handyman for the real estate office that I did WC for gave me a referral for 6 vacation condos, etc.


Advertise your services. How do you do that? Not in just one place. Think about all of the successful brands out there; they are in the newspaper, on radio, in door hangers, mail flyers, magazines, billboards, bus panels, television ads - you name the successful business and I’m sure that you have seen their name somewhere in your day to day life. Now, some of that can be quite expensive to accomplish, but you get the point - advertise.

If you think that just contacting Real Estate Agents for a long line of leads is going to be nirvana for you, you are mistaken. It is going to take YOU getting out there and getting in front of potential customers. Realtors is just one small piece to the puzzle.

Door hangers in well to do neighborhoods on your days off.
Post cards mailed into gated communities.
Car magnets (or vehicle wrap if you choose) seen in the grocery store parking lot or at an intersection. (I’ve landed jobs from both of those scenarios).
Basically get out and find it, or it won’t find you.


Realtors are fine for selling to but they are onetime cleans for the most part.

Sell directly to homeowners, these can be reoccurring accounts which is huge.

Like @Garry said, reach as many people as you can by using multiple sources to get your services out there.

Its kind of unpaid work and alot of it to get started. Must be determined and dedicated to get a business going.


Thank you all for the input! I really want this business to work! I will be trying all of your suggestions that fit my budget!!! Wish me luck!


Plus ∞.

Also, get yourself the Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint.


How much of your income do you set aside for marketing your business?
10% of $2,500 (1 year earnings, anyone can do that!) is $250. ($4.80 X 52 weeks).
The return on that very minimal investment is unbelievably easy.


To be honest with you I have no idea. I’m thinking maybe $50-$100 a month would be good. I ha e someone that will make a website for me for $400. And I’m talking to my guy that made my business cards about a package deal 2 t-shirts with logo on it two car magnets and 2500 business cards for $250. I’m also going to talk about making the door hanging things. The hole business aspect is new to me. I’ve always have had a 9-5 job. And never had to learn about all this stuff. But I’m learning as I go. I have enough passion in this business to see it through. So I know things will start to pick up! And I know it won’t just pick up on it’s own. I have to get out there and earn it.




For me word of mouth and hitting the streets has been working so far, picked up four residentials plus three storefronts this week. I really just go started about four weeks ago working only saturdays. I think I am about to hit 40 customers.