How to attach Doodlebug pad to Scrubber T-Bar


Shows how to attach doodlebug scrubbing pad onto window scrubbing T-bar. QUICK AND EASY.
(Makes using doodlebug pads easy to use by hand also on a pole. )


Good tip @HE_MAN


What’s the benefit from just using the doodle pad holder?

Not only are you taking a lot of time to Fasten the pad to your T-bar but it reduces the scrubbing area by 75%.


The pads are to stay on the T-Bar, used by hand or on the pole.
In particular small wooden framed cut ups
Also easier to hold by hand then the normal Pad holder.
Especially using chemicals like One Restore/ CC550 etc.
Where you have good direct scrubbing power.
Instead of the normal doodlebug holder flopping around and very difficult to hold in the hand.


This is particularly good to use where you need heavy duty scrubbing for stain removal using chemicals or first cleans on smaller pains.

Without scratching the glass.


Could even have it as water fed scrubber?:thinking: