How 'pushy' are you when canvassing?


Whats up everyone? I’ve been hitting the streets hard everyday. This is my 2nd week working as a window cleaner (I do pressure washing and gutter cleaning as well).

I’m curious and I don’t know how else to word/say this but in your experience, once someone says they’re not interested is their pretty much zero you can do about it besides leave a business card with them? I have spoken with well over 100 store/home owners and sometimes I feel like I’m just not very charismatic or too much of a pushover.

My rough script is, “Hi. Good afternoon. My name’s Peachy. I was wondering if you’d be interested in free quote on a window cleaning service that I provide.” Or if I’m canvassing in a neighborhood… say I notice that their driveway is dirty… I’ll change it to “Hi. Good afternoon. How are you doing? (most of the time people won’t even answer). My name is Peachy. I was in the neighborhood and I was wondering if you’d be interested in a free quote on a driveway pressure cleaning service that I offer.” I always say this with a smile on my face and try to have as much enthusiasm in my voice as possible (sometimes hard to do when you’ve heard 20 no’s in a row). I am also clean cut. no tattoos. neatly trimmed close beard. not dumpy looking. young

When people say no, I’ll usually follow up with, “Do you have time for a quick demo? (this has actually worked 1 time) Or do you have time to look at some pictures of recent work I have done.” Sometimes I’ll just say, “No problem. If you change your mind or your usual guy doesn’t show up give me a call. Here’s my business card. Have a good day.” To the business owners that say maybe or they’re busy right now I’ll later send them a facebook message including some pictures of recent work I’ve done. I feel like a phone call would be bothersome because 1. when they answer the phone at work they’re expecting customers not people essentially trying to sell them something. 2. they probably usually check facebook messages through their business page on their downtime. and 3. with a phone call all they hear is my voice “AW THIS GUY AGAIN!” but with fb messanger they get to see some actual proof of good work that I have done.

I’m not sure if I just suck at being a salesman or I am not adamant enough or my script just sucks. It’s hard to say more than what I already say because I can sense when people want me out of their store or wan’t me off their door step.


The simple answer is, you are fishing when the fish aren’t biting. With resi, about all you can do, is traditional (or even something unique) marketing methods, doing it often enough, for them to remember you when they think about power washing or window cleaning.

I would not advise getting any more aggressive, or you could piss people off and have them thinking you are too pushy.

I am not a store front guy, but everyone says being persistent is key.


with residential, i found when i said “hi i was wondering if you’d like an estimate” most people gave me a :frowning:

when i switched to “Hi my name is Ben, I own Two Guys Window Cleaning, I was just wondering if I could leave you a card” most people softend up and said “Sure” with a :slight_smile:

the people who would be interested in an estimate say something like “sure, hey how much would a house like this be?”

I think if people sense you’re selling, they have their sheilds up, if they sense you’re NOT there to sell they soften a lot.


I gotta try that Monday. Thanks leavingnc.


Don’t ask them if they’d like a quote. Pre quote the job and let them know you are there just to give them their quote for cleaning. Have the quote done before you walk in and hand to the decision maker.

I wouldn’t canvass residential. Do door hangers with specified promotions and pick neighborhoods to hit.