How much would you charge for a hard water spot removal?


I’m working on coming up with an estimate for a potential client and He has 9 different windows that measure about 9’ x 6’
I was think about charging 50 per window but I have a feeling that I’m lowballing myself. What would you guys charge?

I’ll also post a picture of the window.


$50?! No way man! Not if those are cut ups, too. That’s way more work. At 9x6, and someone say something if I’m off, but I’d be at $300-400 per window. Just my opinion, but whatever you do, don’t do each one for $50. You’ll hate your life.


The cut ups are on the inside. The outside is just one solid piece… What would you think?


Hard water stain removal is not something you can just guess of the top of your head, you really need to see how much work is involved you might think “oh i’ll just use that rub out or whatever and buff it will wool” it might be more stubborn than you think and might involve machine buffing which could be around 30-50% of the cost of glass replacement.


That may not even be HW staining. You didn’t take close ups to see it.

I’ve worked on log homes that have sealer and stain on the glass. It’s a different process to remove that.

IF this is something you can easily remove with one restore, then maybe 50 a window isn’t bad. You won’t know until you test an area and are confident ALL those stains can be removed easily.

In all honesty, I’d want more if I was doing it.


Most HW stains can be removed pretty quickly with a blade and most MDRs, so it might take and extra minute or two. When you are talking HW stains that have been on for years that require chemicals and more manual labor, I have tripled and even quadrupled the price per window. On the other hand, if there are only a few windows that need it I don’t really charge extra, especially for regular or returning customers, maybe factor a little extra in on the initial bid so as not to scare them away.


I would probably want $150-200. About $10 a square foot is what im happy with.


I just did a 4 panel shower for $300. Took 3 hours with prep and sealing. Clients were ecstatic. But we don’t have alkaline minerals in our water. We have silica so every home remedy or chemical has no effect and often etches the area around the spot making it much worse. We always do a multi step cerium oxide resurfacing and follow up with a molecular bonded silica sealant. Our biggest job to date was a house with large barrel shaped insulated windows valued at $8000 per pane. We did the job on 20 panes for $3500.


It’s the same here.

I used the same process.


Where are you getting your CerOx? We got our last supply from Universal Photonics but we’ll probably need to stock up before the season is over.


Same company when I use to offer this service.


So you don’t offer it anymore?



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