How Much To Assign to Employees Daily?


Hi guys! We are trying to grow with our employees. How many jobs do you assign on average to your guys daily? Do you have them work individually or with someone else? What does this come out to in revenue per day? Thanks for your feedback!


This is really going to depend on how you have established your business to date.

How much work are you currently doing in a day?

How much work are you able to have available daily?

How much revenue per day have you been making?

What experience level is the employee?

Answer these and you have what was asked for.


depends on the work. commercial or rez… If commercial they should work alone and be capable of $300+ day in route work if your jobs are priced accordingly and the routes are fairly tight.
If they have spare time they can drop off cards or estimates for you as they clean


I operate with two man crews doing $700-$1000 a day with quotes generally working out to somewhere between $80-$125/hr.


Totally depends on how well the job is done and how happy the customer is.