How much do you pay your Technicians?


The guys here doing all these customers windows have a TON of leads ready to go. If someone is paying to have windows done they are also paying for the place to be washed. Its not to bad here alex they’re alot of pressure washing guys here but plenty of business to go around plus they’re alot of pressure washing guys that dont know what in the world they are doing ive talked to atleast 5 guys doing it with simple green and home depot bleach lol.


Maybe my title should be “expect thread derailer” on window cleaning forum too​:joy::joy::joy: yall guys have a good night ill be reading up on window cleaning.


Exactly my plans!


Travelers Rest SC? Hit me up if you ever need help on a window cleaning project I’m local


Not to totally derail the thread, but is this a common amount per hour for someone with experience and good quality work? (And good equipment) I might have to look at pwashing again… also, I’m in Columbia. Most of what I have read was more like 100-150 per hour, which to me isn’t much different from what you can make as a window cleaner, but If you can consistently make over 200 hour, then I need to look into it!


Who said you should charge 100-150 an hour? I want that for window cleaning at least

There are no rules. But yes with proper equipment you can wash a house this size in 2 hours or less and charge a premium


Wow B , I think I’m moving to South Carolina :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well, I need to look at this again then! Thanks @CAS


Doesn’t this throw off your over time calculations which are based on average pay per hour?


I’m here in So Calif and we only subcontract. Generally they make $25 an hour plus they get all the tax benefits as business owners [we make sure they qualify]. And we have a liability ins. buy-in because, let’s face it, most guys don’t have any. Calif makes employees very difficult but we tend to get more “go getters” this way.
Wish we could get health ins for them.
There are two of us [two different companies] and we tend to share to make sure they have a full schedule. This seems to work for everyone.
[PS—If you know anyone in the Long Beach area of Ca we always looking for someone. People move around a lot around here [sigh].



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How do we clone you?



Commission based.

Full time guys who start Spring with us should hit 40-50k.

Lead window techs average $24-$27 hourly
Pressure washers $35/hourly plus

Few months out of the year the team is breaking $40/hr regularly


is that FT guy with experience or brand new?


what salary do you pay ? I’m looking to put my longest employee on salary . Thank you


Commission based for field techs.

Was blown away when I saw they each made 6k in Jan. Won’t see that again till May or June


Commission based pay is the way to go with a seasonal business, in my opinion. I’d hate to have an employee on salary in the dead of winter. I know somebody in my area regretting his decision to do that right now.


can someone show example of what salary contract should be including ?


I did that once, wait twice.

Office work - cool

Field - hell no


Pay them what there worth to you. How valuable is this person or person to my enterprise.Brian Your pay scale seems extremely fair and reasonable. Your pay is hard to beat in Sacramento.


I pay 30% commission. $13+ for training. I’ve got one guy I pay $17.50 for filler work when theres not enough field work.