How much can a one man show make?


I “KNOW” they are


Profit margins is what matters for a healthy business. I am well over 100k solo and growing the top line 25% year over year with %36 profit margin.
Plan, prioritize, execute.


This thread has a feeling of this great past thread, that’s also has some “golden nuggets.”


I found doing a 100k plus windows only was doable just a lot of work since mainly going pressure washing it’s much easier


Alright, lets get down to it. It seems to really depend, as last year I made $500, just for spring-summer, with about 2-5 jobs a week. Though, this year I’ve already made about $2k, and I’m rapidly growing. Thats ontop of school, sports, etc. Its also still far more than any other kid I know has. I try and invest most of it back into the business, and the extra pure profit I take and put in my savings account, so yeah, thats all :stuck_out_tongue: Hope that helps. :smiley:


@C-Through Thanks for the response.

How much do you think a window cleaner can generate in sales in a one-year period?

This is a solo operator, an adult, no school or other obligations trying to make this his income?




If your spouse or significant other acts as secretary or accountant, would that no longer be considered a one-man show?


No more solo for you my friend.

I enjoy the same setup, let’s me focus on what I’m good at and her strengths are put to great use too.


It is really something that depends on a number of factors. Though, if they worked 5-8 hours a day, tried hard, invested into marketing, they can easily make 100k, though there is opportunity for much higher.


Samual: when they get involved it’s no longer your show. It’s their show. So the answer to the question about still being solo is a big fat NO! LOL


If I could get my wife to do all the paperwork and leave me with nothing to do but clean windows I’d be living the dream, as long as she kept her nose out of the business. That’s why I don’t ask her. LOL


if you have WFP set up and you are organized person $150K is doable for sure !


we do


Are you solo?

Curious if the we meant you alone


we are new and bought wfp route and doing some high end residential just picked up two neighbors bout 700/month definitely possible




If you or your partner were on your own that 150k probably wouldn’t be a solo number?

Is that partnership working out well for you?

My thoughts on Partnerships are they would be great because you have two motivated individuals. Also could see the problem once money is being made one slacks off will the other still works.


that’s why i sai “if I work by myself and worked really hard at it I could make 130 k a year”

on the days i work alone i can make 500-600 by myself, but when we work together we make 600-900 a day

the partnership is going well, i’m more motivated than he is in some ways but we have thing split according to our work not just 50 50, if i work alone i keep it all, if we work together we split it.


I would love to learn some how you build your route, as that is a main goal of mine.