How much can a one man show make?


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In my area (no snow days) it is completely reasonable for one guy to produce between 100-130k per annum. [/quote]

Window cleaning only or window cleaning + pressure washing?


I just want to thank everyone for this discussion. The reason I brought it up is I have a friend that wants to start a business. He wants 78K a year by himself. What you have told me is this is quite possible. But it will take a couple years. My personal situation is quite different. I am looking to cut back to two days a week now doing resi/storefront. Like Boston Mike I am doing mainly storefront now.

Thanx again



if you got back into it at 55, what’s your age now?


Window Cleaning only


Window cleaning only. :sunglasses:
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It’s been about 10 years


How much can a one man show make…

It all truly depends on the solo operator you have to take into consideration the individual, demographics of the working location(s), weather, how the business or self employment is set up (route, commercial, residential, subcontracting) etc.

I believe yearly revenue can fluctuate between 15k-120k.


So middle of the road is about $60,000



No, Mike 60k is not an average of the middle of the road. There are to many scenarios to get a true base line to work from.

That’s why I worded it the way I did.


I should reach close to 15K by the years end, part time. :slight_smile:

Like Steve says, it all depends. I have kids and I didn’t advertise so those numbers could be even bigger.


Now does that matter in the whole scheme of things how much others “REALLY” make? :thinking:


last year my take home before taxes but after expenses was i think 64,000, it’s probably going to be $80-90,000 this year


Not as much as watching the video. :wink:


Planned properly I don’t see why a one man show can’t make $100k per year. At $100 an hour that’s only 1000 hours per year. Just 20 hours a week with a 2 week vacation.

I know some people do it and I used to do it my self but I dont think residential is really where its at for a 1 man operation. In my experience people don’t want you at thier hoise for that long.

Personally 1 man show works best on storefront and commercial. It will take some time to set up a 100k route. If you do alot of wfp commercial type work then those #'s are alot more realistic.


Hey Jordie @TheWindowCleanse, I believe the fellow in that video might have a little sugar in his tank (if you know what I mean), not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just sayin’


To me, it’s that fine line between hours worked and money earned.

Let me just say a window cleaner I know makes around $60K (depending on when the snow falls) pre tax, after expenses. He averages 4 days/week, 7-8 hours per day, from April to the first week of December. One day a week December-March. So basically a max of 30-35 hours/week, although this fall it has only been 25 hours per week.

Yes, he has two PT employees who only want to work a couple days per week.

Is there a lot more potential there? Absolutely. Why not 10 hours/day 5 days/week?

Maybe because he spends his work days dreaming of doing something else.

But there you go, OP. The numbers you discussed are realistic. Two caveats: its 80% residential, and 25% of the business involves a Pressure washer.


Me, being much under part-time, for a kid anyways, I can make quite a bit. I charge just about any other person would. I’ve not really gotten into residential, as its much more of a customer/client relationship, so, purely commercial jobs I can make enough for me to buy just about whatever I want, its well more than babysitting, cutting grass, etc. However, I’m saving up for a car. I’m getting closer and closer to my goal. Though, if you don’t put in the work, you wont get the money outcome that you want.

Best of luck.


I would enjoy to hear a number based on your perspective


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